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Scappoose staffers comment on growth and inconvenience, homelessness and CC Rider, 2nd Amendment defense and the Trump transcription

To the citizens of Scappoose

As many of you have noticed, our community is experiencing some "growing pains" with all of the new development currently underway. This growth is for both housing and job creation.

In recent years, several new subdivisions have been constructed, providing the community with new neighborhoods for families in our small city to call home. Housing continues to grow with new developments currently under construction and some potentially on the horizon.

Another area of growth is the light industrial / commercial development near the Scappoose airport. The vision and hopes are that this will bring new jobs to our community for our citizens to fill locally rather than having to commute out of the area for employment.

City staff recognizes that construction of these areas creates a temporary "ugliness" and inconvenience to our community and its citizens. However, we are doing our best to inform the public of information as it is made available and mitigate the inconveniences to the best of our abilities.

We greatly appreciate your continued patience and understanding. Thank you.


City of Scappoose


I plan to vote for Measure 5-277 because a transportation system in Columbia County might help relieve the overcrowding in Portland's homeless camps.

Sharon Coates


Bickford takes aim at all 2nd Amendment defenders

I'm reading the letter in the Oct. 18 Spotlight written by Charles Bickford (see "Thanks for the gun fight, Mr. Brumbles"). In his letter, Mr. Bickford takes aim at Chris Brumbles for what seems to be a personal feud. I don't know Charles Bickford or Chris Brumbles, but I do believe our gun rights, guaranteed in the Bill of Rights, are under assault in this country and we need pushy outspoken advocates, like Chris Brumbles, to bring this to the attention of the American people.

It's obvious that Mr. Bickford uses Chris Brumble's name, but his accusations are intended for all (and there are millions) who want to defend their Second Amendment rights. Those of us who are tired of lawmakers who know little or nothing about guns proposing or passing laws that do nothing to stop crime. Laws that are completely ignored by the criminals. Laws that are obviously intended as stepping stones to their true objective, which is to abolish the Second Amendment.

It's easy to surf the internet to find statistics that support whatever opinion you have. Mr. Bickford found that there are 11,000 U.S. gun murders every year. He doesn't say where he got this information. If you want to keep searching you can find that a "Gun Owners of America" study that shows Americans use guns 2.5 million times a year to defend themselves, while the Los Angeles Times has a much lower number at 67,740. Other studies show a range of 500,000 to 3 million. The true number is obviously somewhere in between, but one could easily argue that the money and lives saved because of gun ownership, would more than offset what his letter refers to as the cost of guns.

I'm not sure how getting rid of guns will save the planet from global warming (fortunately, after Al Gore's warning that we only had 12 years, at the last minute we were given another 12 years), and it most certainly won't solve the overpopulation issue.

If Mr. Bickford is correct in his assessment that "The Gun Romancers" are directly or indirectly responsible for the shootings in St. Helens, hundreds of thousands of dollars in traffic delays, resource destruction, global warming, overpopulation, water shortage and violence in general, it's easy to see why Chris Brumbles doesn't have time to hang drywall.

Mr. Bickford claims to be a responsible gun owner and a victim of gun crimes. He doesn't say how or if Chris Brumbles was involved in these crimes or why it would be Mr. Brumbles' responsibility to help find the offenders. I would hope that any victim of a gun crime would know that our law enforcement agencies are very capable in dealing with these crimes and, because we have a constitutional right to bear arms, we have the legal right to defend ourselves.

I hope Mr. Bickford gets justice for any crimes against him, but I'd also like to remind him that a big part of being a responsible gun owner is defending our right to own guns.

Robert Maak


Concerning GOP talking points

Although I disagree with several of Kathleen Fisher's opinions concerning the successes of the Trump administration (see "Despite whistleblowers, the bold plow forward," Oct. 18), e.g. "Trump plows forward ... garnering renewed respect for America and acknowledgement of our supremacy worldwide," in this letter I want to address one specific point that Ms. Fisher presents as fact.

Ms. Fisher states, "Since when is a whistleblower or an inquisition — er, "investigation" — needed into a phone conversation transcript that has been released by the president, to the world, for all to read? Just Google it and read it for yourself. California Congressman

Adam Schiff is betting that you won't."

Ms. Fisher, I (and I believe Schiff) would truly like to read the transcript, but it cannot be Googled. Please note that a transcript is a complete written or electronic recording of an event, in this case a phone conversation between President Donald. Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, but what the White House released was a five-page summary of the 35-minute conservation "based on notes and recollections from Situation Room officers and National Security Council staff, who are assigned to listen to and document presidential conversations."

As the whistleblower's compliant states, "White House officials told me they were 'directed' by White House lawyers to remove the electronic transcript from the computer system in which such transcripts are typically stored for coordination, finalization, and distribution to Cabinet-level officials. Instead the transcript was loaded into a separate electronic system that is otherwise used to store and handle classified information of an especially sensitive nature. One White House official described this act as an abuse of this electronic system because the call did not contain anything remotely sensitive from a national security perspective."

I truly believe, as you stated Ms. Fisher, that you want everyone to be able to read the transcript of Mr. Trump and Mr. Zelensky's conversation. To that end, I encourage you and your fellow GOP officeholders to pressure the White House to release the actual transcript of the conversation.

Garrett Lines

St. Helens

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