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Veterans Day, the value of CC Rider and community investment, on the question of Trump's transcript

Veterans Day observances

Veterans Day fast approaches. Nov. 11th, a national holiday, is set aside to remember and honor all those Americans who lost their lives in the defense of our Republic.

I'd like to bring all readers' attention to

two scheduled events commemorating this holiday.

On Nov. 8, the Friday prior to the national holiday, the Leadership Class at Scappoose High School hosts a Veterans Breakfast. It's an annual event honoring the national service of all our local veterans with a free breakfast and student participation in patriotic presentations that is widely popular and appreciated. The breakfast is scheduled from 9 a.m. till 10:30 a.m. in the school cafeteria. Come and join with local veterans and enjoy the support of the Leadership Class, the future leaders of our community.

The Veterans Day ceremony will take place Monday, Nov. 11, at the memorial in Veterans Park at 10:30 a.m. Veterans Park is located off of Southwest J.P. West Road, just blocks west of Highway 30 on Capt. Roger Kucera Way. A guest speaker and brief ceremony will commence on time with beautiful weather, hopefully.

Tom Ford


Value of public investment

I just paid my property taxes today. I didn't gripe, I didn't moan, I just paid them. I told the lady at the tax collection office "My taxes are the price that we have to pay for civilization. They will go for our children, our public safety, and to make things better for us all."

I also voted earlier this week. I voted for Measure 5-277, CC Rider Transit. Public transit is essential for civilization. It can make the difference between senior or people with disabilities being able to get to the store or doctor, or a person being able to get to work. It can also make the difference between an industry deciding to establish itself in our county or establishing itself elsewhere.

Measure 5-277 will be asking 18 cents per $1,000 of assessment. Not a large amount. It will cost

the property taxpayer less than a pack of cigarettes a month and it will be one heck of a lot healthier.

For the sake of the health of our county, our economy and all that we value, please mark your ballots yes. We will all benefit from a healthy transit system.

Bill Eagle

St. Helens

There they go again

For the third and hopefully the last time the people and businesses of Columbia County are being asked to increase their taxes to bail out CC Rider. We don't need another permanent taxing district taxing our homes and businesses, thus creating an endless burden on the people of Columbia County.

We all have seen the empty or near-empty buses driving up and down the highway. The facts are the facts. Our entire county has a population of less than 53,000 people in it, and a land area much bigger than Multnomah County's. We are just too big geographically and too sparsely populated to support a decent bus system. Even if this measure passes, CC Rider will continue to have poor service, limited routes and limited patronage.

There are very few items on this November's ballot, and in some areas, this is the only item on the ballot. The pro-bus taxing district lobby is hoping that you will not vote this November because there are so few items to vote on. Don't let them win by not voting. I encourage you to turn in your ballot and say NO to Measure 5-277 — the formation of a new bus taxing district that is just too expensive for a very limited ridership.

Jon Antoine


Yes for CC Rider

Please vote "Yes" to keep CC Rider going.

For those of us with an impairment that prohibits us from driving, we need CC Rider. We need CC Rider so we can get to and from school, doctor's appointments, work, and social services that are not available in this county.

A "YES" vote for CC Rider is a yes vote to keep us going too.

Martin Kennedy

St. Helens

Beep! Beep!

But for the dastardliness of the Globalist/political class/MSM/Wiley E. Coyote Democrats, one could almost feel sorry for them in their endless "Gotcha!!!" attacks. Attacks followed by their wide eyed, "What just happened????" reactions to finding themselves, again, with nothing but President Donald Trump's Roadrunner feathers between their sharpened teeth.

It must be frustrating when each time their ACME Impeachment Machine produces only firings, demotions, resignations, private and public humiliations for the members of their own Impeachment Cabal. A cabal working from within the positions of power they had gained in the Obama administration.

Mr. Garrett Lines (see Oct. 25 letters, "Concerning GOP talking points"), the transcript you Googled is the full transcript of the July 25 phone call. As with all presidential calls with foreign leaders, it was documented by a number of people from the National Security Council who listen to those conversations, take detailed notes and establish a record.

That record was placed on the 2018 Trump White House upgraded special compartmented computer system designed to deter leaks through the minimization of the pool of individuals who could access the files. Given the endless "leaking" of classified White House material by the Wiley E. Coyote Cabal of Obama administration loyalists, everything consequential belongs in that system. That transcript was then released, by President Trump, Sept. 25.

If that transcript were not what those members of the National Security Council wrote, everyone would know that by now.

It's reported that U.S. Attorney John Durham's investigation into possible FBI misconduct regarding the "Russia Investigation" is now a criminal probe. Buckle up. The real ride is about to begin. 

Kathleen Fisher

CCGOP Communication Director


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