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'Fill the Boot' success for MDA, concerns about St. Helens lagoon project, $pirit of Halloweentown, Trump transcript

Thank you

The Scappoose Fire District and the Muscular Dystrophy Association would just like to thank everyone in the community who donated during our annual firefighter "Fill the Boot" event on Saturday, Oct. 12, at the intersection of Havlik Drive and Highway 30.

The MDA appreciates every donation, large or small, and we are happy to announce that the community helped raise over $4,700 this year!

We can't thank you enough for all your generous donations and support in helping fight Muscular Dystrophy. Also, a special thanks to Fred Meyer, Fultano's Pizza and InRoads Credit Union for their time, donations and support as well.

Zach Ahlers


Scappoose Fire District

Spendy, spooky times

I have been going to Halloweentown in St. Helens since its inception. My husband and I lived on 1st Street. It was so fun and family-oriented. It was a wonderful time for the whole town and out of towners poured in.

Recently, on a Sunday, I went with my daughter and her family of five. The decorations were fun and the juggler entertaining. The problem was the price of everything. Caramel apples $7. A small bag of caramel popcorn $6.

OK, so we handled that times six. We got to the play area and it actually said $15 each person. It was very strange and so not worth $15 per person times six.

What are they thinking? Needless to say, we left. Pronto.

I'm hoping that the Scappoose Sauerkraut Festival doesn't make the same mistake.

Families need a fun experience without breaking the bank.

Sue Bloomquist


Concerning correspondence for St. Helens

Barbara Quinn is a writer for The St. Johns Review, a community newspaper located in North Portland. Ms. Quinn was a member of the Portland Harbor Community Advisory Group for many years but is now a board member of Northwest Toxic Communities Coalition.

I have a friend who brings me the Review and I have been following Ms. Quinn's articles for quite some time. The Oct. 18 publication featured an excellent source of material on the Portland Harbor Superfund.

If you will recall, the Superfund is the horribly toxic area in the Portland Harbor from which St. Helens has been encouraged to allow dredged sludge to be dumped into the St. Helens poisonous lagoon — less than one quarter of a mile from the Columbia River and its tributaries.

In fact, the St. Helens City Council members recently had some trouble with the state of Oregon because they held an unannounced — out of city and out of county — meeting regarding this very matter. The meeting was held as a closed executive session and was held in Portland with the city's consultants on this matter, Maul Foster Alongi.

It appears we may now know why the City Council held a secretive, illegal meeting with Maul Foster Alongi. These polluters may finally be at the end of their proverbial 20-year rope.

According to Ms. Quinn, four businesses, who will be among those held financially responsible for the Superfund cleanup, did not take part in the first 16 of 20 years leading up to the U.S. EPA's Superfund decision in 2017. These four companies asked that the decision be reopened. That was denied by the EPA in September.

These four companies represent some of the wealthiest and "most intense polluters on the river," per the Review. They are: "Arkema Inc., a French owned entity that once manufactured DDT; Schnitzer Steel Inc., a local steel manufacturing and scrap metal recycling company; Evraz Inc., a Russian owned steel company; and the Marine Group LLC, which may consist of more than one unknown entity".

For your information Ms. Quinn suggested spelling out what PCBs and PAHs are since people may not know. PCBs stand for "polychlorinated biphenyls," and PAHs is the acronym for "polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons."

Enough said by me. Barbara Quinn has given me permission to publish this information from the emails she and I have been exchanging:

Hi Nancy — "The group I have served on for several years now, the Portland Harbor Community Advisory, has uniformly been appalled about the scheme to put superfund contamination in a St. Helens landfill. They are only taking out the worst of the worst here and we believe it should go to a hazardous waste site as far as possible from any body of water. PCBs, DDT, oil-based contaminants, dioxin and heavy metals are not contaminants that should be stored near any river, esp one that has been known to flood.

You are absolutely justified in being alarmed for any number of reasons. Chief among them:

1) everything eventually leaks. Who is responsible when that happens? Most likely the community will pay in dollars and in health

2) PCBs, the most harmful contaminant present has no known safe exposure. AND it has been shown to go airborne (Dr. Carpenter, NY).

3) PCBs & heavy metals never break down that we are aware of4) OSU's research shows that some PAHs may be as toxic as PCBs. They can also go airborne.

This will save some very large international corporations millions of dollars, but again, they are passing the cost, the health risk — on to residents — to the St. Helens community. All the corporations had to do was wave money at St. Helen's (sic) leaders. We can't believe the agencies are allowing it. It is irresponsible and insane."

Bravo to Barbara Quinn.

Nancy Whitney

St. Helens

Facts matter

Kathleen Fisher wrote "the transcript you Googled is the full transcript" is a total lie (see Nov. 1 letters, "Beep! Beep!"). It is such a deception of facts that local media should ban you from submitting further letters — especially when they contain such lies.

The easily obtainable unclassified "Memorandum of Telephone Conversation" is NOT a transcript. It says on page 1, "CAUTION: A Memorandum of a Telephone Conversation (TELCON) is not a verbatim transcript of a discussion ... A number of factors can affect the accuracy of the Record ..."

Well, that is pretty clear it is not a transcript. Your assertion that it is a transcript leaves me to believe you are either a liar, an idiot or ignorant. If you read the memorandum and are just lying about it, the truth always comes out. If you read it and did not understand what the footnote means, I can't help you — it is about at a fourth-grade reading level.

But if you took the time

to respond to a letter requesting to see the full transcript and did not actually read the memorandum, that is more than just ignorance, especially about an issue that has such national consequence. Get off the couch, stop waving your flag, engage your brain, Google and read the memorandum. Get someone to help you if there are big words you don't understand.

President Donald Trump has said you should read it — and he might do a fireside reading of it himself. Well, I read it and guess what: The sanitized summary is damning. That is why he is being impeached. And the testimony about the quid pro quo we saw last week does not come from partisan Obama administration hacks, as you falsely state. It comes from Ambassador William Taylor, who Trump's Secretary of State Mike Pompeo begged to come out of retirement to take the job after the first Ukrainian ambassador, a career official who also serviced both Republican and Democratic administrations, was removed because she would not help with Trump's corrupt quid pro quo request.

It was also made public this week that Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman (another Trump appointee) tried to correct the memorandum and failed to get it corrected. He was also so concerned about the Ukraine call that he reported its improper nature twice to his superiors. Trump's attorney then decided to try and hide the sanitized memorandum of the call on a super-secret server — to hide the quid pro quo.

Again, despite your false assertion, the memorandum is NOT a transcript, but is a sanitized version that still damns the president's actions — actions for which Trump will be impeached. And, if the Republican party puts their country above party, the Senate will remove Trump from office.

Brady Preheim

St. Helens

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