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'This proposition is known as Pascal's wager. It never was a valid justification for religion, whether of the traditional kind or the LGM kind or ... the climate religion kind'

Imagine if I came to you and said that I have irrefutable scientific evidence that there are little green men in underground tunnels under the surface of Mars reading Hegelian philosophy and plotting the destruction of all human life on Earth in order that they may later colonize it. These little green men (LGM) are building a super weapon that they plan to aim at the Earth.

This weapon is a combination of electromagnetic pulse and ozone destroyer device that, once activated, will destroy all human life.

Imagine further that I told you that we must immediately tax everyone in order to fund government sponsored Martian research and build military spaceships that will be needed to probe beneath the Martian surface in order to destroy the LGM before they can destroy us, and that anyone refusing to believe the urgency of my assertions is nothing but an LGM denier.

Finally, imagine that the first prediction regarding the LGM occurred back in 1988 and stated that within 10 years the LGM would fire the super weapon at the Earth. But when that didn't happen by 1998, another 10-year prediction took its place, and when that didn't happen by 2008 yet another prediction took its place in 2018.

Now, perhaps you are thinking that my LGM story is pure madness, but I assure you that more madness is yet to come. For those who are not LGM deniers but still may have some doubts, I then propose the following: it would be safer to believe

the LGM story than not to believe it.

After all, if the LGM story is true, then all mankind will be destroyed, but if it is false —- although a lot of money and time will be lost and human life on earth will be severely economically degraded —- mankind will not be totally destroyed.

This proposition is known as Pascal's wager. It never was a valid justification for religion, whether of the traditional kind or the LGM kind or ... the climate religion kind.

Pascal's wager means that any proposition — no matter how ridiculous or unfounded or flawed — must be believed for the sake of safety. Pascal's wager is a prescription for epistemological chaos (note: epistemology is just a big word for the science of how mankind acquires knowledge) and as such, an invitation for mankind to live on the level of fear-gripped savages.

Regardless of whatever is being asserted, those resorting to Pascal's wager are actually admitting the bankruptcy of their position and placing themselves in the position of a prancing shaman, mumbling magical incantations, in hopes of inducing the savage fear in their victims.

Pascal's wager is just one of many propaganda tools in the climate debate, so be forewarned.

Roy A. Fuller


Editor's note: Earlier this month scientists documented the highest temperature ever recorded for the continent of Antarctica, a reading of 69.3 degrees F. The prediction is that it won't be a record for long. And scientists not science fiction writers, as seems to be the fancy of Mr. Fuller report that January 2020 saw the warmest global land and ocean temperature ever. The temperature was 2.05 degrees F above the 20th-century average, reports the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Lastly, have a nice long look out your window.

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