This week, readers weigh in on the House race, distance learning and the state of American democracy.

Honest, thoughtful Witt is who Columbia County needs

I'm supporting Brad Witt for re-election to the Oregon House of Representatives.

I have confidence in Brad because he is open-minded, clear-thinking and is an excellent spokesperson for the people and interests of Columbia County. In a few words, he gets things done!

If you have a concern that affects our community, talk to Brad. He's accessible and a good listener. Of course, he won't agree with everyone on every issue, but he'll give you an honest and thoughtful answer on his position, or he'll check it out and get back to you.

Please vote for Brad Witt on Nov. 3. He's my choice for House District 31.

Pete McHugh, Scappoose

Teachers adapting to difficult times

As a teacher at St. Helens High School and president of the local teachers union, I just want to express how teachers feel about this school year.

This is not the job we signed up for, we want to see your children and teach them in person; however, that is not possible currently. But we want you to know that we miss them and we are looking forward to when we get to have them back in our classrooms. We miss that personal connection that comes from being in the room together. We also miss all the learning that takes place when people have opportunities to see each other in real life and see their body language and emotions — it really does matter.

We also want to let parents and the public know that we are really working hard to make this the best we possibly can and will continue to get better at this online teaching model. For me personally, I have not had to learn so much so quickly in a very long time, and I imagine that is what is going on at your home too.

We are all in this together, and we as teachers will do all we can to make this year a success. We also want to say thanks to all of the parents and supporters of children during this time; your efforts are vital to the success of this school year. Thanks.

Keith Meeuwsen

President, St. Helens Education Association

The American experiment is a bust

I was thinking of writing to Queen Elizabeth in England and telling her we tried, but we obviously cannot govern ourselves and would England please take us back. Many in the this country would love to move to Canada if they would take us.

We have failed. We do not have the intelligence, strength, nor the compassion to be good leaders and citizens. We as a self-governing experiment have failed. We are uneducated, lazy, weak and hateful; and do not deserve the freedoms that we claim.

We have ruined this country's environment, enslaved many of its people, and have become uncaring and selfish, willing to follow hate and divisiveness rather than having the gumption to be truly righteous. Our constitution has become meaningless to so many.

Does anyone know the Queen's mailing address?

Sari Swick, St. Helens

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