Readers defend Scappoose School Board member Lisa Maloney against critics in our weekly mailbag.

Maloney is not 'hateful' as claimed

I read the article by Scott Keith, "Principal accuses Scappoose School Board member of 'hateful' comments," with great interest.

It sounds like principal Jenneca Crocker's complaint with board member Lisa Maloney is no more than difference of opinion. One must be very careful when using the word "hateful." To wrongfully malign someone's character and values can also be construed as hateful.

Read the Dec. 29, 2020, online version of our story on the complaint against Lisa Maloney.

I, and dozens of others I know in our community, heartily applaud and support Lisa Maloney's efforts on the School Board. Her caring service on behalf of students and families has taken great courage, because she is fighting "against the grain" — against a trend in education to mold the values of children in bizarre directions (breeding hopelessness), rather than simply teaching them the basics of academics — or even how to critically "think" on their own.

Thank you, Lisa Maloney! You have our hearty support.

Kimberly Mann, Scappoose

Maloney stands out for her respect, hard work

I'm a parent, grandparent, former teacher and 40-year resident who cares for kids. Over the years, I have attended many public meetings and spoken with and written to various elected officials.

The person I have been most impressed with is Scappoose School Board member Lisa Maloney. Her insight, knowledge of facts and humble willingness to listen and answer the public's questions is exemplary and rare. She is one of the most diligent people I know. While other members are sometimes ill-prepared and uninformed, Lisa obviously has always taken time to thoroughly do the "homework."

Lisa's most valuable quality is her deep commitment to and advocacy for the rights of parents. She strives to ensure that they are informed and have a voice and a choice as to what is presented to their children in class.

Lisa's actions demonstrate that she respects absolutely everyone. Any suggestion otherwise is an outrageous fabrication intended to intimidate and silence differing opinions and views.

I have routinely observed a majority of the other board members be openly disrespectful, dismissive and unprofessional towards Lisa. Ultimately, their behavior is directed to all of us in tme community who believe differently than them. On numerous occasions, those same board Members have completely disregarded the comments and views of many many people, swiftly and callously making significant final decisions that a roomful of parents were begging them not to.

Despite such unbecoming behavior directed towards her, I have been amazed watching Lisa before and after meetings, graciously, joyfully greeting and thanking even her harshest critics. She has been a wise voice of reason for seven years — energetic, kind, courageous — a refreshing, bright light. Lisa Maloney deserves our applause and thanks.

Vivian Ward, Scappoose

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