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Charles Bickford: 'Columbia County is too often harmed by zealots with agendas of various types.'

The concept of "freedom and liberty" held by the anti-vax mandate protesters at the waypoints for Scappoose students is false.

Freedom from what? A useful position in our community?

One of every 12 people in Columbia County is known to have been infected, and more have COVID-19 but do not show symptoms. Of the 50 or so people in the protest group, there were at least five with the disease. They were un-masked, and had their own children with them, as they confronted, shouted at and blocked children going to school. That is a form of reckless endangerment; they should be identified to both the police and child welfare entities.

Read our Nov. 8, 2021, news story on reports that students have been accosted while walking to school in Scappoose by people protesting COVID-19 public health measures.

Being outdoors in a crowd won't shield us from infection. The breaths of infected people swirl around and are inhaled by others, including both the schoolkids and the kids with the protesters.

Many people know you can blow out a candle behind a bottle because the airflow curls around the bottle. Same with the unmasked, unvaccinated and infected so-called "patriots" in the group that are upwind of or near innocent folks. They are not "patriots," they are "pidliots." Their allegiance is not to America, it is to their favorite radio/TV nutballs — the same highly paid skunks that make their living by finding a wish list in the population, pretending to adhere to the same values, and collecting cash from groups and influencers that attract them like moths to a flame.

Vaccinations and masks are historically well-proven ways of reducing disease. Polio, measles, mumps, rubella, whooping cough, and many more fatal or debilitating sicknesses have been nearly erased as a result of wise precautions. Without them, the lifespan of average Americans would be only about 40 years.

If these people want to prove their beliefs, I suggest that they take a few trips to places like Pakistan, Africa, East Asia and others where there is a religious fervor against vaccinations and masks.

We cannot have "freedom and liberty" without the honest goal of actual truth. Being told "believe me, I am on the radio" or, sadly, "on the pulpit" are instructions to ignorant people, not a source of fact.

Columbia County is too often harmed by zealots with agendas of various types, and the term "American" is routinely used to do harm. I am an American, and I realize that I must not believe in or act on harmful fairy tales.

Charles Bickford is a Deer Island resident.

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