With an assist from a dental anesthetic, Pamela Loxley Drake waxes rhapsodic about her favorite color.

COURTESY PHOTO - Pamela Loxley DrakeI tried counting them. In fact, I hate to admit this, but I have tried several times to count them all. It's impossible!

Green! The many, many shades of green.

Our house is surrounded by trees. On two sides, we have forests that are trying, with little success, to avoid contractors focused on removing them. (I always find it ironic and a bit idiotic that they tear down trees that are probably a lot older than me only to replace them with more trees.) There should be a tree union that stands up for treedom, demanding that forests be saved, so they in turn can save the people trying to demolish the forests.

But, perhaps I stray.

Green is my favorite color. I don't look good in it, but things growing from the earth are pretty darn spectacular. I'm not sure why there are so many shades of green. I am imagining that it is God's favorite color as well.

Don't you love that bright shade that shows up each spring with the new growth on the plants? That fresh burst of life spewing forth its glory in its fresh shade of green.

I grew up with trees. Ah, not literally. I had two flesh-and-blood sisters, not trees.

My dad was an environmentalist before we discovered them among our population. Sorta like people from Mars, only these people are identified by their green thumbs.

Dad planted a small thicket of trees. Well, the Boy Scouts really planted them, but Dad offered his land to go with their trees.

Dad often took me on walks pointing out the characteristics of the different types of trees. It reminded me of the variety of people we see around us.

Some might say that we could look up to see the richness we had, but I was short (still am), and the ground was much more interesting. I was fascinated by the meandering of the roots and the fungi that grew at the base or on the bark of a tree. I wonder which came first? The bark of a dog or the bark on a tree.

Hmm. Well, I seem once more to be sidetracked. Where were we? Hmm.

Ah, shades of green. Forest green is a misnomer. Just look at a forest. There are so many shades intermingled. There isn't one green.

Olive green is pretty close to the shade of a green olive.

Blue green probably wasn't a color until some kid mixed blue and green together. His last name might have been Crayola.

A box of crayons is really fascinating. There are so many shades that the box size has had to be increased to accommodate them all. And the names of the colors have strained the list of possible names to the point that even the dictionary has gotten bigger.

Oops, where was I? I just had a tooth extracted. I think perhaps it has impaired my concentration.

So I will end with this bit of wisdom: Trees, or is it green? Maybe I was talking about crayons?

I think I need a nap. Hmm.

Pamela Loxley Drake is a Beaverton resident and self-described lifelong "farm girl." You can contact her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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