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The Columbia County Spotlight publishes views from across the political spectrum in our weekly mailbag feature.

Editor's note: Have a letter to share? Email your thoughts to Editor-in-Chief Mark Miller at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Letters should be no more than 400 words. All submissions must include the name and hometown of the author. Submissions should not include profane or defamatory language. We may lightly edit submissions for style and clarity. We encourage writers to suggest their own headline when submitting a letter; otherwise, a headline may be generated based on the contents of the letter.

Republican candidates are substance-free

I have been listening to a number of local political debates and discussions.

I do like Tina Kotek and what she is willing to do for our state.

Her opponent is scary. It would appear that her opponent, Christine Drazan, does not believe a woman has a right to her own body. She says she believes in right to life, but wants to make it easier to get guns and at the same time wants to re-institute the death penalty.

Another person is Brian Stout. He is running for state representative against Anthony Sorace. Stout refuses to debate Sorace, and refuses to be interviewed on the radio. He says he wants to fight "creeping progressivism" and stop schools from teaching "critical race theory," something that no school in Oregon teaches or has ever taught. When asked what he would do if elected, he answered, "Vote no."

Sorace wants to do something about housing, children and the homeless. All Stout wants to do is "vote no," vote no on everything.

It is sad that our Oregon Republicans are so shallow. They are opposed to imaginary threats and have nothing of real value to add. What is even sadder is that there is a good chance that many of these empty-headed fools will be elected to positions of power.

It is my belief that our very democracy is at stake, and if we are not careful, we will lose it all.

Bill Eagle, St. Helens

Oregon's leaders are out-of-touch

I realize most people are concerned about surviving these extremely troubling times, and politics is agenda-driven and doesn't put food on their table or gas in their tank.

Oregon is single-party rule — there is an emphasis on "rule."

Most credible solutions/decisions, from those in charge, come from meaningful debate and ultimate compromise. Not happening in Oregon anymore, as we are controlled by an elite ruling class supported by metropolitan voters (the majority dependent on big government).

Real kitchen-table people's concerns are no longer on the ballot. It is by the crafty design of our current ruling party.

I'm not too fond of political parties because they are outsourced to the highest bidder. But six years back, we had a businessman set this country back on a path to prosperity. He changed the face of the Republican Party, and now we have a chance to use that change to give the people back their state and country.

Reason and common sense go a long way, and if applied, we should find that more of the same destructive policies of the Democrat regime will continue.

Vote for independence, vote for freedom: Fire the Democrats.

Brad Vanek, Rainier

A plea to the residents of Columbia County

God forbid your daughter is found dead in a ditch less than 400 feet from home. When she is, you need to know the truth.

This is our story of a failed investigation for Sarah Zuber.

From the beginning, Sarah's suspicious death investigation was handled incompetently. When asking even the simplest question, "Who is in charge?," we were stonewalled. The truth is nobody was in charge.

Because no trained special investigative crime team is available in Columbia County, Sarah's case suffered a plethora of mishaps, missed opportunities, miscommunication, half-completed interviews and lost evidence. The more Sarah's family pushed for information, the more pushback we received.

We trusted the Columbia County Sheriff's Office. We did not know who to go to for help. We were continuously given different names as point of contact. Each pointing the finger at the next. We were told outrageous lies regarding evidence, obvious injuries and even involvement with FBI.

Then, we were left hanging, with no returned phone calls and emails for months. Ultimately left with no answers, Sarah never received a wide and comprehensive investigation into the cause and manner of her death.

Make no mistake. Columbia County is growing. There will be more daughters killed. There will be more families in mourning. Your families should not have to suffer again and again and again, just because of incompetent leadership in Columbia County.

If something happens to your loved one, you deserve the most capable team of investigators, as well as competent and continuous communication with your sheriff. Please vote for a new sheriff who will take responsibility for his duties, who will go the extra mile to get things done. Please vote for Terry Massey.

Rebecca Zuber, Rainier

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