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Allen (132), Albertson (220) and Olmedo (285) win Northwest Oregon Conference championships, Beisley (170) second, Lane (138) fourth

SPOTLIGHT PHOTO: JAKE MCNEAL - Lions senior Miguel Olmedo, center, won his first Northwest Oregon Conference heavyweight championship on Friday and Saturday, Feb. 10-11, at Milwaukie High School.PHOTO CREDIT: AMY GADBOIS - Lions senior Haidon Allen won his first Northwest Oregon Conference championship at 132 pounds on Friday and Saturday, Feb. 10-11, at Milwaukie High School.PHOTO CREDIT: AMY GADBOIS - Lions senior Colton Albertson, right, the Northwest Oregon Conference's 220-pound champion, can place at the Class 5A State Championships for the first time.PHOTO CREDIT: AMY GADBOIS - Lions senior Colton Beisley qualified for the Class 5A state championships in second at 170 pounds at the Northwest Oregon Conference Championships on Friday and Saturday, Feb. 10-11, at Milwaukie High School.PHOTO CREDIT: AMY GADBOIS - Lions senior Dylan Lane qualified for his first Class 5A state championships in fourth at 138 pounds on Friday and Saturday, Feb. 10-11, at Milwaukie High School.


Haidon Allen, Dylan Lane, Colton Beisley, Colton Albertson and Miguel Olmedo are the Lions' latest senior Class 5A state championship challengers.

Allen (132 pounds), Albertson (220) and Olmedo (285) won their first Northwest Oregon Conference championships and Beisley (170) and Lane (138) came up respective second and fourth on Friday and Saturday, Feb. 10-11, at Milwaukie High School.

Tyler Neubaum (a freshman, fifth, 120), Nick Richardson (a senior, fifth, 152), Haroldo Salvador (a sophomore, sixth, 113), Elias Fields (a senior, sixth, 132) and Rachawn Lee (a sophomore, sixth, 160) just missed top-four qualification.

Sandy (408 points) repeated as team champion and the Lions (168.5) were fifth.

The state championships are scheduled for 8:30 a.m. on Friday and Saturday, Feb. 24-25, at Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Portland.

Allen, returning from fourth at 132 last year and fifth at 126 in 2015, and Beisley, who won the conference title at 145 and went fifth at state a year ago, will make their third state appearances.

Olmedo can improve on last year's fifth-place heavyweight state run in his second trip, and Albertson can place at state for the first time.

Lane makes his state premiere.

St. Helens has never claimed a team championship at state, but Myles Terry won the Lions' seventh individual championship at 182 two years ago.

At the conference championships, Allen pinned Milwaukie sophomore Jon Lee (3:54) and Sandy junior Taylor Giltner before he closed out Hillsboro senior Peyton Bell 7-3 for the title.

"[The Northwest Oregon meet] had a good atmosphere, and our team wrestled pretty good, said Allen, a senior.

Albertson made quick work of Wilsonville junior Jared Redmon (1:07) and Hillsboro senior Colten MaGriff (1:51), then survived Milwaukie junior Noah Ramirez 3-1 in the final.

"The last match got a little scary," Albertson said. "If I didn't score, that was going to be it. I just kind of knocked him down: He was real tired."

Olmedo foiled Hillsboro junior Joshua Villa-Hernandez in 1:23 and Milwaukie sophomore Obermars Martinez (1:57), and beat Sandy junior Iosefa Polamalu 3-2 in the final.

Olmedo practices with Lions coach Greg Gadbois, who is bigger and stronger than any high schooler he will face, and figures to be a top seed.

"It went in my favor in the final," Olmedo said. "Our coaches and my older brother [Mario, who graduated two years ago] come to practice, and Greg shows the bigger guys moves."

Beisley cut down Putnam junior Zach Howell (18-3 technical fall), Sandy sophomore Luke Weber (1:11) and Wilsonville junior Jacob Stelle (3:49) but fell 5-3 in sudden victory to Milwaukie senior Mikel Bremner in the title bout.

Northwest Oregon Conference Championships

Friday and Saturday

at Milwaukie High School

106: Joseph Austin

Round 1: Austin received a bye; Quarterfinal: Isaac Quesada, Wilsonville, pinned Austin, 1:37; Consolation round 2: Austin def. Devin Greeley, Milwaukie, 9-2; Consolation round 3: Jesus Moreno, Hillsboro, pinned Austin, :23.

113: Haroldo Salvador sixth

Round 1: Salvador received a bye; Quarterfinal: Keleab Weldemarian, Parkrose, pinned Salvador, 2:41; Consolation round 2: Salvador received a bye; Consolation round 3: Salvador received a bye; Consolation semifinal: Jacob Ashley, Milwaukie, won by forfeit; Fifth-place match: Keleab Weldemarian, Parkrose, pinned Salvador, 1:10.

120: Trevor Johnson

Round 1: Johnson received a bye; Quarterfinal: Hunter Rickman, Sandy, pinned Johnson, :15; Consolation round 2: Johnson received a bye; Consolation round 3: Justin Hegar, Putnam, pinned Johnson, 1:43.

120: Tyler Neubaum fifth

Round 1: Neubaum received a bye; Quarterfinal: Neubaum pinned Isaac Vallejos, Milwaukie, 3:47; Semifinal: Dylan Miller, Sandy, pinned Neubaum, 1:20; Consolation semifinal: Joshua Smith, Hillsboro, def. Neubaum, major decision, 15-5; Fifth-place match: Neubaum def. Justin Hegar, Putnam, medical forfeit.

126: Ethan Hubbs

Round 1: Hubbs received a bye; Quarterfinal: Bryant Smith, Milwaukie, pinned Hubbs, :53; Consolation round 2: Nathan Keymolen, Putnam, pinned Hubbs, 1:32.

132: Elias Fields sixth

Round 1: Fields received a bye; Quarterfinal: Max Brown, Sandy, pinned Fields, 1:04; Consolation round 2: Fields received a bye; Consolation round 3; Fields pinned Brenden Hawkins, Putnam, 2:13; Consolation semifinal: Taylor Giltner, Sandy, pinned Fields, 4:52; Fifth-place match: Tanner Keffer, Hillsboro, def. Elias Fields, 7-4.

132 - Haidon Allen first

Round 1: Allen received a bye; Quarterfinal: Allen pinned Jon Lee, Milwaukie, 3:54; Semifinal: Allen pinned Taylor Giltner, Sandy, 2:52; First-place match: Allen def. Peyton Bell, Hillsboro, 7-3.

138: Dylan Lane fourth

Round 1: Lane pinned Jacob Leith, Parkrose, :45; Quarterfinal: Lane pinned Jeff Axt, Wilsonville, 1:30; Semifinal: Brody Diaz de Leon, Sandy, pinned Lane, 3:58; Consolation semifinal: Lane pinned Romario Ramirez, Milwaukie, 3:07; Third-place match: Andres Bran, Hillsboro, pinned Lane, 1:24.

138: Justin Garcia

Round 1: Isaiah Haynes, Sandy, pinned Garcia, :36; Consolation round 1: Garcia received a bye; Consolation round 2: Romario Ramirez, Milwaukie, pinned Garcia, :55.

145: Chase Nelson

Round 1: Nelson received a bye; Quarterfinal: Drew Urben, Putnam, pinned Nelson, 2:20; Consolation round 2: Wilfredo Peraza-Nava, Hillsboro, def. Nelson, 12-9.

145: William Webb

Round 1: Braddley Elmore, Milwaukie, def. Webb, 12-6; Consolation round 1: Kevin Nguyen, Putnam def. Webb, major decision, 14-0.

152: Nicholas Richardson fifth

Round 1: Richardson received a bye; Quarterfinal: Richardson pinned Loudyn Reese, Hillsboro, 2:31; Semifinal: Perry Rodenbeck, Wilsonville, def. Richardson, technical fall, 16-1; Consolation semifinal: Wyatt Miller, Wilsonville, def. Richardson, 20-18; Fifth-place match: Richardson pinned Ozzy MacKenzie, Putnam, :15.

152: Ryan Burri

Round 1: Wyatt Miller, Wilsonville, pinned Burri, :45; Consolation round 1: Burri received a bye; Consolation round 2: Jorge Gallardo, Hillsboro, pinned Burri, 1:00.

160: Rachawn Lee sixth

Round 1: Lee def. Cody Burns, Parkrose, major decision, 11-2; Quarterfinal: Andrew Gay, Wilsonville, pinned Lee, 1:35; Consolation round 2: Lee pinned Ivan Hall, Sandy, 2:08; Consolation round 3: Lee pinned Evan Layton, Milwaukie, 1:47; Consolation semifinal: Lucas Gardner, Putnam, pinned Lee; Fifth-place match: Vinny Pederson, Milwaukie, pinned Lee, 5:58.

160: Cody Leanna

Round 1: Trevor Schubmehl, Hillsboro, pinned Leanna, 2:15; Consolation round 1: Leanna received a bye; Consolation round 2: Vinny Pederson, Milwaukie, pinned Leanna, 1:33.

170: Waylan Webb

Round 1: Waylan Webb received a bye; Quarterfinal: Justin Bean, Putnam, pinned Webb, :13; Consolation round 2: Webb received a bye; Consolation round 3: David Cruz, Wilsonville, pinned Webb, 1:24.

170: Colton Beisley second

Round 1: Beisley def. Zach Howell, Putnam, technical fall, 18-3; Quarterfinal: Beisley pinned Luke Weber, Sandy, 1:11; Semifinal: Beisley pinned Jacob Stelle, Wilsonville, 3:49; First-place match: Mikel Bremner, Milwaukie, def. Beisley, sudden victory, 5-3.

195: Jayden Smith

Round 1: Braden Watson, Sandy, pinned Smith, :29; Consolation round 1: Smith received a bye; Consolation round 2: Breyden Erret, Wilsonville, pinned Smith, 1:38.

220: Colton Albertson first

Round 1: Albertson received a bye; Quarterfinal: Albertson pinned Jared Redmon, Wilsonville, 1:07; Semifinal: Albertson pinned Colten MaGriff, Hillsboro, 1:51; First-place match: Albertson def. Noah Ramirez, Milwaukie, 3-1.

285: Miguel Olmedo first

Round 1: Olmedo received a bye; Quarterfinal: Olmedo pinned Joshua Villa-Hernandez, Hillsboro, 1:23; Semifinal: Olmedo pinned Obermars Martinez, Milwaukie, 1:57; First-place match: Olmedo def. Iosefa Polamalu, Sandy, 3-2.

285: Benjamin Torres

Round 1: Torres received a bye; Quarterfinal: Iosefa Polamalu, Sandy, pinned Torres, :40; Consolation round 2: Torres received a bye; Consolation round 3: Daniel Berezhinskiy, Milwaukie, pinned Torres, :19.

Team scores

1. Sandy 408

2. Milwaukie 260.5

3. Hillsboro 255

4. Wilsonville 229.5

5. St. Helens 168.5

6. Putnam 143

7. Parkrose 37

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