Four Indians second, five third, Scappoose third to Tillamook with 194 points

SPOTLIGHT PHOTO: JAKE MCNEAL - Indians sophomores Colton Frates, left, and AJ DeGrande, right, square off in practice Wednesday at Scappoose High School.

AJ DeGrande will celebrate the new year as the 106-pound Molalla Holiday Meyham champion.

The Indians sophomore improved to 13-2 in his run through four freshman: He beat Tillamook's David Herrera 9-5, pinned Estacada's Landin Vittetoe in 51 seconds and Corbett's Trey Conner (2:32), and bested Tillamook's Isaias Loza 8-4 for the crown Saturday, Dec. 16.

"I wasn't that strong [at the same weight] last year and I couldn't get pins, but I caught some kids in bad positions [in Molalla]," DeGrande said.

Scappoose applauded 13 top-six challengers and surged to third with 194 points as Tillamook (377) and Molalla (216) led the five-team field.

"AJ has been wrestling well lately," Tribe coach Nick Byrd said. "He is a kid who has put in a tremendous amount of time this offseason and put himself in position to be successful. His toughness in high-level matches has been improving, and he continues to make himself and his teammates better each week. It is good to see him competing hard against good competition."

Colton Frates (120), Steven Hensley (145), Jakobi Kessi (195) and Bret Couch (220) emerged runners-up.

"I wrestled a kid I've wrestled a lot [Tillamook sophomore Quintin Metcalfe]," said Frates, also a sophomore, whom Metcalfe pinned in 46 seconds for the title. "I was second at a lot of tournaments [last year], and he was first. There are some pretty good new Tillamook kids."

Peyton Healey (113), Braydon Merrow-Hanson (132), Austin Spiller (145), Zeddy Jamerson (182), Quincy Cleveland (285) reached third, and Brent Garrison (126), Ashton Kauffman (138) and Brett Kreiger (182) came up fourth.

"We had some ups and downs this weekend, but all in all it was a solid showing and we know the areas we need to improve," Byrd said. "Our group has had a lot of growth so far this season, and we need to keep pushing forward and increasing our intensity on the mat. It is always good to see a team like Tillamook, who is one of the best in the state [at any level]: we had a lot of close matches with them and look to close the gap as the season progresses."

The Indians are scheduled next for the Gladstone Invitational Thursday, and will begin 2018 at the Pacific Rim Tournament Jan. 5-6 in Seaside.


Saturday, Dec. 16, in Molalla

106 AJ DeGrande first

Round 2: DeGrande def. David Herrera, Tillamook, 9-5; Round 3: DeGrande pinned Landin Vittetoe, Estacada, :51; Round 4: DeGrande pinned Trey Conner, Corbett, 2:32; Round 5: DeGrande def. Isaias Loza, Tillamook, 8-4.

113 Peyton Healey third

Round 1: Healey def. Daniel Garcia, Tillamook, 5-0; Round 2; Dustin Asher, Molalla, pinned Healey, :22; Round 3: Seth Wenlund, Estacada, def. Healey, 7-0.

120 Colton Frates second

Round 1: Frates pinned Dylan Dickson, Molalla, :32; Round 2: Frates pinned Mary Carter, Estacada, :52; Round 3: Quintin Metcalfe, Tillamook, pinned Frates, :46.

126 Brent Garrison fourth

Round 1: Francisco Rosas, Tillamook, pinned Garrison, 1:00; Round 2: Jarrett Graff, Corbett, pinned Garrison, :49; Round 3: Luis Macias, Tillamook, pinned Garrison, :32.

132 Braydon Merrow-Hansen third

Quarterfinal: Merrow-Hansen pinned Reagan Schleich, Estacada, 1:54; Semifinal: Sam Connelly, Tillamook, def. Merrow-Hansen, ultimate tiebreaker, 8-5; Consolation semifinal: Merrow-Hansen def. Blake Johnston, Scappoose, major decision, 13-3; Third-place match: Merrow-Hansen pinned Abraham Rosas, Tillamook, 3:17.

132 DJ Backus

Quarterfinal: Abraham Rosas, Tillamook, pinned Backus, 1:39; Consolation round 1: Blake Johnston, Scappoose, pinned Backus, 3:43.

132 Blake Johnston

Quarterfinal: Maximus Tate, Molalla, pinned Johnston, 1:29; Consolation round 1: Johnston pinned DJ Backus, Scappoose, 3:43; Consolation semifinal: Braydon Merrow-Hansen def. Johnston, major decision, 13-3.

138 Carsen Andersen

Quarterfinal: Justin Lengele, Molalla, pinned Andersen, 1:48; Consolation round 1: Andersen received a bye; Consolation semifinal: Brauly Mendez, Tillamook, pinned Andersen, 4:33.

138 Ashton Kauffman fourth

Quarterfinal: Brauly Mendez, Tillamook, def. Kauffman, sudden victory, 5-3; Consolation round 1: Kauffman def. Mara Eakin, Estacada, major decision, 14-0; Consolation semifinal: Kauffman def. Justin Lengele, Molalla, major decision, 11-3; Third-place match: Brauly Mendez, Tillamook, def. Kauffman, 6-1.

145 Steven Hensley second

Quarterfinal: Hensley received a bye; Semifinal: Hensley def. Dominic Eatherton, Molalla, major decision, 13-4; First-place match: Dylan Dickson, Tillamook, pinned Hensley, 2:43.

145 Austin Spiller third

Quarterfinal: Spiller pinned Brandon Harrington, Molalla, 6:00; Semifinal: Dylan Dickson, Tillamook, pinned Spiller, :44; Consolation semifinal: Spiller pinned Ricardo Gonzalez, Scappoose, 4:32; Third-place match: Spiller pinned Dominic Eatherton, Molalla, 3:00.

145 Devon Doak

Quarterfinal: Dylan Dickson, Tillamook, pinned Doak, 1:26; Consolation round 1: Brandon Harrington, Molalla, pinned Doak, 1:10.

145 Ricardo Gonzalez

Quarterfinal: Dominic Eatherton, Molalla, pinned Gonzalez, 4:37; Consolation round 1: Gonzalez received a bye; Consolation semifinal: Austin Spiller, Scappoose, pinned Gonzalez, 4:32.

152 Deacon Smith

Quarterfinal: Ryan Mount, Molalla, pinned Smith, 1:12; Consolation round 1: Isaac Cook, Scappoose, pinned Smith, 1:19.

152 Isaac Cook

Preliminary: Cook pinned Cole Simmons, Estacada, 1:23; Quarterfinal: Chris Silveira, Tillamook, pinned Cook, 2:38; Consolation round 1: Cook pinned Deacon Smith, Scappoose, 1:19; Consolation semifinal: Ben Pruitt, Molalla, def. Cook, injury.

152 Jayze Zeller

Preliminary: Kaden Settle, Estacada, pinned Zeller, 1:57; Quarterfinal; Tommy Cruz, Tillamook, pinned Zeller, 1:10.

152 Trevor Jackson

Quarterfinal: Ben Pruitt, Molalla, pinned Jackson, 3:42; Consolation round 1: Kaden Settle, Estacada, pinned Jackson, :59.

170 Stephen Hanson

Quarterfinal: Alex Werner, Tillamook, pinned Hanson, 2:06; Consolation round 1: Hanson received a bye; Consolation semifinal: Wyatt Perkins, Molalla, pinned Hanson, 2:57.

182 Brett Kreiger fourth

Quarterfinal: Kreiger received a bye; Semifinal: Fabian Niemi, Tillamook, pinned Kreiger, 2:59; Consolation semifinal: Kreiger pinned Trevon Johnson, Tillamook, 1:46; Third-place match: Zeddy Jamerson, Scappoose, def. Kreiger, 8-4.

182 Zeddy Jamerson third

Quarterfinal: Jamerson received a bye; Semifinal: Draco Yandell, Estacada, pinned Jamerson, 1:23; Consolation semifinal: Jamerson received a bye; Third-place match: Jamerson def. Brett Kreiger, Scappoose, 8-4.

195 Jakobi Kessi second

Round 1: Kessi def. Tieson O'Hagen, Tillamook, 3-2; Round 2: Kessi received a bye; Round 3: Levi Crabtree, Tillamook, pinned Kessi, 2:14.

220 Jackson Lehman

Quarterfinal: Dawson McKibbin, Tillamook, pinned Lehman, 1:07; Consolation round 1: Lehman received a bye; Consolation semifinal: Nico Winsor, Estacada, pinned Lehman, 2:42.

220 Bret Couch second

Quarterfinal: Couch received a bye; Semifinal: Couch def. Nico Winsor, Estacada, sudden victory, 3-1; First-place match: Dawson McKibbin, Tillamook, def. Couch, 6-1.

285 Quincy Cleveland third

Round 1: Cleveland pinned Messiah Tviolemotu, Tillamook, 1:29; Round 2: Hunter Gotchall, Estacada, def. Cleveland, 5-3; Round 3: Kenny Clark, Estacada, pinned Cleveland, 3:46; Round 5: Cleveland pinned Raul Ledesma, Tillamook, 3:26.

Team scores

1. Tillamook 377

2. Molalla 216

3. Scappoose 194

4. Estacada 114

5. Corbett 29

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