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Sophomores best at 106 and 110-120; Indians boys tie Class 5A Putnam for first

PHOTO COURTESY: NICK BYRD - Indians sophomore Emma Jones, far left, and the boys' team celebrate their respective Gladstone Tournament girls' 110-120-pound championship and boys' first-place tie with Class 5A Putnam.

Sophomores AJ DeGrande and Emma Jones lead the Indians into a spirited new year.

DeGrande beat Yamhill-Carlton freshman Reily Liesegang in the boys' 106-pound championship, and Jones sealed a three-pin sweep of the girls' 110-120 crown against Elmira junior Elva Zhao at the Gladstone Tournament Thursday, Dec. 21, at Gladstone High School.

"AJ competed well in all of his matches at Gladstone," Scappoose coach Nick Byrd said. "He is really opening up and developing his offense, which is good to see at this point in the season. Emma is an extremely tough competitor. She is going to win matches on toughness alone, but it is awesome to see the work she has been putting in to develop into a high-level wrestler."

DeGrande lifted his record to 17-2 with wins over freshmen Anthony Branch (Class 6A Jefferson, 19-4 technical fall), Jose Flores (Taft) and Matthew Carillo (Sutherlin) via 16-4 major decisions, and Liesegang 12-6.

Jones, the lone Scappoose challenger in her field of four, eclipsed Class 6A talents Sarah Baltazar (a Century senior) in 49 seconds and Miacela Nicado (a David Douglas sophomore, :52) on the way to Zhao (5:54).

Colton Frates (113) and Steven Hensley (138) reached second against juniors Dustin Asher of Molalla (4:40) and Brenden Hawkins of Class 5A Putnam (4:00), and all 17 Tribe boys who entered placed in a 264-point first-place tie with Putnam.

"I was really proud of the way our entire team competed," Byrd said. "It is hard to wrestle five quality matches in a day, and most of our guys did well under the increased workload. We don't put a ton of stock into winning early-season tournaments, but it is always nice to bring home some hardware after a tough-fought tournament: I feel it reflects a lot of the hard work being put into the room on a daily basis."

The Indians are scheduled to open 2018 at the Pacific Rim Tournament Jan. 5-6 in Seaside.


Thursday, Dec. 21, at Gladstone High School


106 AJ DeGrande first

Round 1: DeGrande received a bye; Round 2: DeGrande def. Anthony Branch, Jefferson, technical fall, 19-4; Round 3: DeGrande def. Jose Flores, Taft, major decision, 16-4; Championship bracket: DeGrande def. Matthew Carrillo, Sutherlin, major decision, 16-4; First-place match: DeGrande def. Reily Liesegang, Yamhill-Carlton, 12-6.

113 Peyton Healey fifth

Round 1: Dustin Asher, Molalla, pinned Healey, 1:24; Round 2: Healey received a bye; Round 3: Jacob Jarvis, Yamhill-Carlton, pinned Healey, 2:37; Consolation bracket: Healey received a bye; Fifth-place match: Healey def. Logan Cave, Elmira, major decision, 13-1.

113 Colton Frates second

Round 1: Frates received a bye; Round 2: Frates pinned Logan Cave, Elmira, 3:10; Round 3: Frates def. Jared Dyer, Newport, technicial fall, 15-0; Championship bracket: Frates def. Jacob Jarvis, Yamhill-Carlton, 5-1; First-place match: Dustin Asher, Molalla, pinned Frates, 4:40.

132 Braydon Merrow-Hansen fifth

Round 1: Cai Pai Varinta, Jefferson, pinned Merrow-Hansen, 5:32; Round 2: Ayden Wolgamott, Elmira, def. Merrow-Hansen, 6-2; Round 3: Merrow-Hansen pinned Evan Wiley, Neah Kah Nie, 3:56; Consolation bracket: Merrow-Hansen pinned Hunter Davis, Elmira, 3:59; Fifth-place match: Merrow-Hansen pinned Evan Wiley, Neah Kah Nie, 1:01.

138 Ashton Kauffman fifth

Round 1: Kauffman pinned Jed Smith, Astoria, :31; Round 2: Keltin Benson, Philomath, def. Kauffman, 8-4; Round 4: Brenden Hawkins, Putnam, def. Kauffman, 8-1; Round 5: Kauffman def. Case Wells, Sutherlin, 6-0; Fith-place match: Kauffman def. Morgan French, Philomath, technical fall, 20-4.

138 Steven Hensley second

Round 1: Hensley def. Dalton Somers, Astoria, technical fall, 16-1; Round 2: Hensley pinned Jaime Garcia, Yamhill-Carlton, 4:32; Round 4: Hensley def. Morgan French, Philomath, major decision, 15-4; Round 5: Hensley def. Eochaid Fry, Neah Kah Nie, major decision, 12-4; First-place match: Brenden Hawkins, Putnam, pinned Hensley, 4:00.

145 Riyle Kauffman fourth

Round 2: Kauffman received a bye; Round 3: Kauffman, pinned Dominic Eatherton, Molalla, :49; Quarterfinal: Kauffman pinned Devon Lindquist, Taft, 3:19; Semifinal: Owen Amerson, Yamhill-Carlton, pinned Kauffman, 1:48; Third-place match: Tariq Armstrachan, Jefferson, pinned Kauffman, 1:25.

145 Austin Spiller ninth

Round 1: Owen Amerson, Yamhill-Carlton, pinned Spiller, :49; Round 2: Spiller pinned Hayden Doran, Sutherlin, 2:00; Consolation round 1: Spiller def. Matthew Hamlet, Philomath, 7-0; Consolation round 2: Spiller def. Dominic Eatherton, Molalla, 8-4; Ninth-place match: Spiller def. Brandon Harrington, Molalla, 7-6.

152 Trevor Jackson fourth

Round 1: Jackson pinned Dakota Honl, Jefferson, 1:03; Round 2: Jackson pinned Dylan Donnell, Philomath, 3:59; Round 3: Ben Pruitt, Molalla, pinned Jackson, 1:24; Championship bracket: Ryan Mount, Molalla, pinned Jackson, 1:35; Third-place match: Isaac Cook, Scappoose, pinned Jackson, 1:22.

152 Isaac Cook third

Round 1: Cook def. David Jin, Taft, 7-4; Round 2: Cook def. Brandon Nguyen, Putnam, 12-9; Round 3: Ryan Mount, Molalla, pinned Cook, 1:33; Championship bracket: Ben Pruitt, Molalla, pinned Cook, 5:45; Third-place match: Cook pinned Trevor Jackson, Scappoose, 1:22.

170 Jack Eggers third

Round 1: Eggers received a bye; Round 2: Eggers received a bye; Round 3: Eggers def. Bryce Anderson, Sutherlin, major decision, 19-9; Championship bracket: Giovanni Hernandez, Putnam, def. Eggers, 10-7; Third-place match: Eggers pinned Ayite Mettle, Newport, 2:53.

182 Zeddy Jamerson fifth

Round 1: Mikey Montgomery, Elmira, pinned Jamerson, :33; Round 2: Jamerson pinned Hunter Strong, Sutherlin, 3:11; Round 3: Jamerson pinned Jace Fostveit, Taft, 5:32; Consolation bracket: Jamerson def. Travis Bennett, Neah Kah Nie, major decision, 13-0; Fifth-place match: Jamerson pinned Zachary Culver, Yamhill-Carlton, 3:43.

182 Brett Kreiger 11th

Round 1: Zachary Culver, Yamhill-Carlton, pinned Kreiger, :49; Round 2: Justin Bean, Putnam, pinned Kreiger, 1:49; Round 3: Kreiger pinned Chris Byrum, Taft, 2:16; Consolation bracket: Jace Fostveit, Taft, pinned Kreiger, :59; 11th-place match: Kreiger pinned Zach Howell, Putnam, 5:59.

195 Jakobi Kessi fifth

Round 1: Kessi def. Brett Hinsley, Jefferson, technical fall, 15-0; Round 2: Kessi received a bye; Round 3: Jacob Wanlass, Gladstone, pinned Kessi, 1:08; Consolation bracket: Kessi pinned Kalvin Schunn, Philomath, 1:19; Fifth-place match: Kessi pinned Bo Edwards, Molalla, 1:54.

220 Quincy Cleveland fifth

Round 1: Cleveland, received a bye; Round 2: Tristan Bennett, Neah Kah Nie, pinned Cleveland, :39; Round 3: Cleveland def. Jimmy Acevedo, Newport, 9-2; Consolation bracket: Cleveland def. Jared Minter, Philomath, 6-2; Fifth-place match: Cleveland pinned Zackary Rodriguez, Yamhill-Carlton, 3:56.

285 Cutter Sandstrom fifth

Round 1: Sandstrom pinned Keeny Deutsch, Newport, :44; Round 2: Sandstrom received a bye; Round 3: Andrew Smalley, Sutherlin, pinned Sandstrom, 3:17; Consolation bracket: Sandstrom pinned Timothy Price, Jefferson, 3:15; Fifth-place match: Sandstrom pinned Josiah Rodriquez, Yamhill-Carlton, 1:07.

285 Jericho Archer 11th

Round 1: Danny Aguilar, Putnam, pinned Archer, 2:47; Round 2: Noah Estes, Philomath, pinned Archer, 3:07; Round 3: Archer received a bye; Consolation bracket: Jonathan Lommen, Neah Kah Nie, pinned Archer, 1:14; 11th-place match: Archer pinned Keeny Deutsch, Newport, 1:05.

Team scores

t-1. Putnam 264

t-1. Scappoose 264

3. Sutherlin 243.5

4. Yamhill-Carlton 239.5

5. Philomath 225.5

6. Molalla 204

7. Gladstone 183

8. Neah Kah Nie 167

9. Jefferson 156

10. Elmira High School 112.5

11. Taft 86.5

12. Newport 69

13. Astoria 37


110-120 Emma Jones first

Round 1: Jones pinned Sarah Baltazar, Century, :49; Round 2: Jones pinned Miacela Nicado, David Douglas, :52; Round 3: Jones pinned Elva Zhao, Elmira, 5:54.

Team scores

1. Century 203

2. Forest Grove 117

3. Warrenton 102

4. Elmira 86

5. David Douglas 58

6. Roosevelt 41

7. Centennial 38

8. Corvallis 32

9. Jefferson 31

10. De La Salle 27

11. Sutherlin 27

12. Scappoose 23

13. Milwaukie 22

14. Newport 10

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