Scappoose, St. Helens football players rack up recognition on postseason all-star squads

PHOTO COURTESY: JEREMY DUECK - Connor Koelzer of St. Helens heads to the end zone for a Lions touchdown.Class 5A Special District 1 football

All-West Division

First team


Wide receivers — Jonah Gomez, Wilsonville senior; Hentry Williams, Wilson senior; Sam Westing, Wilsonville senior

Tight end — Nate Smith, Hillsboro junior

Tackles — Kalei Kauhi, Wilsonville senior; Cole Douglas, Wilsonville senior

Guards — Caleb Baker, Wilsonville senior; Tommy McKedy, Scappoose junior

Center — Venly Tatafu, Cleveland junior

Quarterback — Nathan Overholt, Wilsonville senior

Running backs — Cooper Mootz, Wilsonville senior; Connor McNabb, Scappoose senior; Andy Martinez, Wilson senior; Quincy Cleveland, Scappoose senior


Linemen — Christian Ramirez, Wilsonville senior; Gavin Larson, Scappoose senior; David Fukofuka, Wilsonville senior; Venly Tatafu, Cleveland junior; Caleb Baker, Wilsonville senior

Linebackers — Matt Roth, Scappoose senior; Kody Gray, Wilsonville senior; Dominic Funk, Forest Grove senior; Cade Edmondson, Wilsonville senior; Kalei Kauhi, Wilsonville senior

Cornerbacks — Trevor Antonson, Wilsonville senior; Cole Siemon, Hillsboro senior; AB Osman, Cleveland senior

Safeties — Connor McNabb, Scappoose senior; Kevin Burke, Wilsonville senior

Special teams

Punter — Gavin Martini, Wilson junior

Kicker — Jacob Hausserman, Wilsonville junior

Returner — Connor McNabb, Scappoose senior

Offensive Player of the Year

Nathan Overholt, Wilsonville senior

Defensive Player of the Year

Trevor Antonson, Wilsonville senior

Coach of the Year

Adam Guenther, Wilsonville

Second team


Wide receivers — Zach Rivers, Wilsonville senior; Cole Hammond, Forest Grove senior; Demarkasay Davis, Cleveland junior

Tight end — Dominic Funk, Forest Grove senior

Tackles — Terrence Lewis, Scappoose senior; Liam McMullen, Scappoose senior; Josh O'Neal, Hillsboro senior

Guards — Keating Hinkley, Wilson senior; Gunner Fipps, Forest Grove senior

Center — Jerico Archer, Scappoose junior

Quarterbacks — Jakobi Kessi, Scappoose junior; Jarod Miller, Forest Grove junior

Running backs — Isaiah Bettencourt, St. Helens senior; Shawn Lee, St. Helens senior


Linemen — Cameron Bennett, Forest Grove junior; Nate Smith, Hillsboro junior; Keating Hinkley, Wilson senior; Josh O'Neal, Hillsboro senior

Linebackers — Andy Martinez, Wilson senior; Mark Kind, Forest Grove senior; Slater Smiens, Scappoose junior; Caleb Silva-Kinder, Forest Grove junior; Alex Cross, St. Helens senior; Nick Peterson, Hillsboro senior

Cornerback — Ashton Smith, St. Helens sophomore

Safeties — Henry Williams, Wilson senior

Dominic Villarreal, Forest Grove senior

Special teams

Punter — Nathan Overholt, Wilsonville senior

Kicker — Kyle Parnell, St. Helens junior

Returner — Trevor Anderson, Wilsonville senior

Honorable mention


Wide receivers — Chris Beatty, St. Helens senior; Lane Clift, St. Helens senior; Colton Frates, Scappoose junior

Tight ends — Gavin Larson, Scappoose senior; Cole Thomas, Wilson sophomore; Canon Beisley, St. Helens junior

Tackles — Ethan Le, Cleveland senior; Spencer Jones, Forest Grove senior; Daniel Suon, St. Helens senior

Guards — James Coefield, Wilson senior; Cutter Sandstrom, Scappoose sophomore; Jayden Smith, St. Helens junior; Giovanni Camacho, Cleveland senior

Centers — Noah Reasoner, Forest Grove junior; Jara Millo, Wilson sophomore; Bailey Jaramillo, Wilson sophomore; Noah Ochs, Wilsonville junior

Quarterback — Kane Kiaunis, Hillsboro junior

Running backs — Thomas Johnson, Hillsboro junior; Max Gillen, Cleveland senior


Linemen — Connor Koelzer, St. Helens senior; Tommy McKedy, Scappoose junior; Parker Miller, St. Helens senior; Slade Shufelt, Hillsboro sophomore; Alden Finch, St. Helens junior

Linebacker — Chad Overholt, Wilsonville sophomore

Cornerbacks — Dylan Straughan, Forest Grove junior; Isaiah Bettencourt, St. Helens senior; Thomas Greiner, Scappoose junior

Safeties — Tristin Keffer, Hillsboro junior; Kruze Katzenmeyer, St. Helens senior

Special teams

Punters — Kyle Parnell, St. Helens junior; Jesus Nunez, Hillsboro junior

Kickers — Beni Lacatus, Hillsboro senior; Jack White, Wilson sophomore

Returner — Henry Williams, Wilson senior

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