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SHERWOOD AESTHETIC MEDICINE - Dr. Wendy Abraham, Naturopathic PhysicianIn the world of aesthetic medicine, microneedling is quickly becoming one of the most popular new treatments, and for good reason! It's an easy, painless form of skin rejuvenation and can be used to treat anything from acne scarring to wrinkles.

When you book an in-office appointment, Dr. Abraham uses a precision tool with tiny needles to make microscopic holes in the surface of the skin. The tiny injuries to the top layer of skin promote collagen growth and elastin, and can be used on all skin types. The needling also allows topical treatments, such as serums, antioxidants and vitamin C, to penetrate deeper into the skin. "It's like aerating your lawn," said Dr. Abraham.

Some companies have begun marketing in-home microneedling devices. These devices are useful for certain applications, such as light exfoliation. But for more intense, deeper treatments, such as treating acne scars and stretch marks, you may want to consider an office appointment.

Your hands, bathroom and needles need to be properly sterilized to avoid introducing bacteria or viruses—for example, from pimples or active cold sores—under your skin. Creams with harsh chemicals or retinol can also irritate the skin further after a treatment.

You may see the best results with a series of treatments. "It's the gift that keeps on giving," said Dr. Abraham. If you're wondering if microneedling is right for you, call Sherwood Aesthetic Medicine at 503-610-1194 today!


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