-Brought to you by Pacific West Roofing's Stan Robinson-Sherwood INSIDER-Spring into action!

COURTESY PHOTO - -Brought to you by Pacific West Roofing's Stan Robinson-Sherwood INSIDER- As the sun begins to emerge, now is the time to clean up for spring.

Winter weather can be a shingle's worst enemy. It is important do a roof spring-cleaning and inspection. Not only will this make a home look better, it can also extend the life of the roof.

Contact the professionals at Pacific West Roofing. They can address potential problems and contribute to the life of your roof.

Leaves and few fir needles that collect and hold moisture, need to be taken off the roof.  Anything that traps moisture will cause algae to form, block gutters or add extra weight on the roof.

Cutting back trees and removing leaves will reduce moss growth and it will allow sunlight to dry up the moisture that moss thrives on. Discolored streaks on a roof indicate algae that can break down the asphalt in the shingle material and ultimately you'll need the roof replaced.

Inclement weather from the winter season can result in gutter damage while leftover fall leaves and debris can lead to clogged gutters. Water needs to flow easily through the gutters and loose spikes need to be re-set, as they prevent the gutters from sitting tightly along the roof line.

Being proactive about potential issues will save you time and money.

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