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COURTESY PHOTO - Stan Robinson The Pacific Northwest is lush and green as a result of many days of moisture, but we don't want to see green on our roofs. Moss thrives in our environment and it can cause roofing to degrade over time.

The shingles on your roof can offer an ideal environment for moss and algae to grow. It is an area of your home that is typically more moist and humid, which when combined with the indirect sunlight of shade from trees, allows moss to thrive.

To safely clean moss off of your roof, you can use a long-handled scrub brush or a pressure washer – being careful not to lift and damage shingles. With either method, work down the roof to keep from lifting and breaking shingles.

There are several chemicals specifically made to kill moss. Pacific West Roofing uses zinc sulphate powder, because it is an accepted product to be used on roofs.

If you should decide to clean your own roof, remember to always wear gloves, protective clothing and eye protection when working with chemicals.

To keep moss from coming back, we recommend cutting back any limbs that overhang the roof, or have strips of copper or zinc installed along the ridge. These types of strips can kill lichen and prevent moss or algae from growing.

Professionals at Pacific West Roofing are available to assist you with all your roofing needs.

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