-Brought to you by Pacific West Roofing's Stan Robinson-Sherwood's INSIDER-

-BROUGHT TO YOU BY PACIFIC WEST ROOFING'S STAN ROBINSON-SHERWOOD'S INSIDER- - -Brought to you by Pacific West Roofing's Stan Robinson-Sherwood's INSIDER- Oregonians get their fair share of rain, especially west of the Cascades. Are you considering replacing your roof? There are roof types that will hold up well in Oregon's unusual weather.

Asphalt roofing is the most common and is found in all kinds of climates, including wet, cool climates withstanding snow, wind, and heavy rain. Asphalt is typically well-suited for the Northwest and asphalt roofing is relatively inexpensive, making it the most popular choice.

Metal roofing is not as popular on residential roofs, but has become popular in the last decade for commercial buildings. Metal roofing does very well in a variety of climates. Metal roofing is versatile and boasts curb appeal. But most of all, metal roofing is durable. Metal roofs can last as long as 100 years or more, depending on the type and the climate. Coating a metal roof with a long-life paint can extend the roof life even longer.

Another popular option is cedar shakes. Medium and heavy shakes are the most available shakes with and have an optional CCA treatment, which can help them last 25 years or more without rotting if maintained properly. They cost more to maintain over the years by keeping debris off of them, but everyone should be doing that with any roof type. Wood is harder to walk on because it can be slippery when wet, so is metal and you should never walk on slate because they break easily. Tile is another roof type option, but is often too heavy for conventional framing and can break when walked on. It is difficult to wash and clean, too.

Since 1980 Pacific West Roofing has been installing and maintaining quality roofing products throughout Portland and the surrounding areas. Pacific West Roofing invites you to take a look at the quality roofing materials we offer and the expert roofing services we provide. If you're looking for a Portland roofing contractor, let Pacific West Roofing show you what we can do for your home or business.

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