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After years of paying attention to my customers' habits and reading various studies, I have a few educated opinions regarding gasoline.

---If your car specifies premium gas, USE IT. Proper operation, fuel mileage, and emissions can all be affected by gasoline quality. Engine management and emissions-control equipment are all designed to work in conjunction with premium fuel.

---Name-brand fuel matters. As a rule of thumb, if the gas station is an oil company, such as Chevron or Texaco they handle their fuel orders differently than the off-brand companies. Most oil companies have a specific number of gallons on order for each delivery. The off brands are brokered and, receive fuel deliveries on certain days, only receiving what it takes to top off their tanks. The remaining fuel oxidizes in the delivery trucks and is eventually blended back into the refinery tanks, oxidizing the fuel it is exposed to. It's like a bottle of red wine: if you opened it Saturday night and drink two glasses, corked it, then pour a glass tonight, it tastes different, not as good. That's oxidation. The alcohol in the wine reacts to the air causing oxidation. There is 10% alcohol in our gas. Oxidation causes the fuel to lose volatility, energy, and power. Given this scenario, if there is more energy in a high-quality (name brand) gallon of fuel, there is more miles worth of energy in that gallon than there is in the off-brand fuel.

---The use of high-quality fuel reduces the need of fuel system maintenance and repairs. Just like giving your body good fuel. You feel better and live longer!

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