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Whether a seasoned runner or a novice, hiring a running coach has multiple benefits.

Novice runners: Starting a running regiment can seem overwhelming; somedays, just putting on your shoes is difficult. When starting out, many new runners don't have a clear idea about their ultimate goals, or even expectations for distance and pace. A coach will help establish initial times, lengths, and speed and follow up to evaluate results, giving practical advice to stay focused and help overcome motivational lulls. New runners will learn how to avoid injury, train for competitions, and set/achieve realistic goals. Many new runners lose interest after lack of results or immediate injury.

Seasoned runners may feel they know everything about running and their body, but a running coach can help by evaluating and correcting form. Posture, stride and cadence will be analyzed for running efficiently and with the least impact for injury. Seasoned runners can lose motivation too. A coach can help with new ideas such as sprints, hills or strength training. Weights, TRX or HIIT training can help flexibility and stamina with can help with speed and range. And, as with any runner, coaches will refocus your goals for results or competitions, ensuring you stay on target.

Hiring a running coach may seem like an extravagance to some, but coaches tailor their programs to your needs, from daily motivational texts, or posture evaluation. Consider hiring a coach for a few sessions to see how your running life can benefit.

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