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WINTER IS COMING, well, it won't be quite so dramatic as an episode of Game of Thrones, but being prepared will help you win the impending Winter Weather Driving War.

-Keep your gas tank more than half full. In the event that we have another Snowpocolypse, ensure that you won't get stranded for lack of gas.

-Slow down! With wet or icy streets, it's easy to slide around. Your car's traction works best with slow starts and measured braking. And, before you accelerate into an intersection, watch for cars that might be sliding.

-Equipment check list: As the temperature drops, you may need to adjust your tire pressure. Do your windshield wipers needing to be replaced? Is your car battery ready to die? Even a small equipment malfunction can seem disastrous on a stormy day.

-Cruisin' for a bruisin'. Just like your car's traction, cruise control works best in dry conditions.

-If the weather starts looking frightful, check the weather forecast to help you decide on your route and expected length of drive. Keep an emergency kit, snacks, and fully-charged cell phone handy, too.

-Be vigilant. During the holidays, many people celebrating at parties. Keep others safe by being a designated driver, having a designated driver, or using a car service. Moreover, stay alert while driving, incidents of intoxicated-driver accidents increase during the holidays. Watch for erratic drivers and keep your distance.

From all of us at Sherwood Auto Repair, we wish you a wonderful holiday season!

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