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Brought to you by Dr. Ryan Schulz from Vertical Wall Physical Therapy-Headache and Migraine INSIDER specialist

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People often ask how diet can affect migraines and headaches. While modifying your diet will not necessarily eliminate these issues, research has shown that it can decrease the intensity and symptoms of migraines. The main way this works is by decreasing the inflammation that occurs during a migraine.

For diet to help relieve symptoms of migraines and headaches, it's important to focus on a nutritional plan that includes a high level of nutrients and a low glycemic index. In other words, high fiber/nutrients and low sugar.

A Keto diet has shown to decrease the amount of inflammation that is present with migraines, which in turn decreases the intensity of the attacks. A Mediterranean diet can also benefit those who suffer from migraines and headaches. Both of these diets decrease the amount of CGRP that is released. CGRP is a protein that is released around the brain and, when released, causes intense inflammation which can lead to a migraine attack.

For more information regarding this, please see the blog, migraines and headaches . This will give you more specific guidelines on what to look for the next time you are grocery shopping.

Diet is just one of the five pillars that we focus on for those who suffer from headaches and migraines. Contact Vertical Wall Physical Therapy today for a FREE 15 minute phone consultation to get you started on the path to relief from migraines and headaches.


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