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Brought to you by Dr. Ryan Schulz from Vertical Wall Physical Therapy-Headache and Migraine INSIDER specialist

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It is always waiting for you, ready to be present in your life. Some say stress can be good but too much will affect us in negative ways.

Stress, our body's response to stimuli, gives us the ability to tell us to avoid danger or the stressor. Have you ever heard of the fight or flight response? Same idea.

Stress is the number one trigger for headaches and migraines. If the brainstem is already sensitized, then when stress is present, the headache or migraine may be present. Has anyone experienced this?

Stress will always be there, but do we have to be wary of headaches or migraines when stress is present?

NO! If your NECK is involved in your headaches or migraines then there is HOPE.

Yes, decreasing or eliminating stress may be an option, but what if it is not?

What if you could have a treatment approach that addressed the real issue for your headaches and migraines? What if the stress did not go away but you did not have to worry about having a headache or migraine?

Have a look at the following blog: Stress and Migraines

It will give you even more detail on how the body handles stress, especially too much of it.

Having your NECK addressed in a skilled manner will determine exactly how your NECK is part of your headaches or migraines.

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