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"When is just ok good enough?" You probably recognize that slogan, with some hilarious examples of situations where it would be absurd to accept "just ok."

Don't be fooled into thinking your teeth fall in that category. Providing proper orthodontic treatment is an extremely complex process and requires the experience of a skilled orthodontist.

Consider what is happening in the clear aligner market. Invisalign's patent protection recently expired and overnight a massive number of new companies has sprung up. All are blasting you 24/7 with ads.

It's cheaper, it's easier, it takes less time, you don't have to go to an orthodontist, we'll send you a kit in the mail, etc. In my seventeen years as an orthodontist, I have seen a lot of clear aligner companies come and go. So how do you choose?

My advice is, first, don't make the choice based simply on cost. Second, beware a process that doesn't involve seeing an orthodontist on a regular basis.

Here is why I recommend Invisalign treatment versus other clear aligner options:

1. Requires the regular oversight of an orthodontist, not a remote dentist who will never see you in person.

2. Has a 'smart' database of over 6,000,000 treated patients to draw from in deciding how to treat your specific case. It took Inivisalign many years to refine their process to where the results are good enough that I am confident in recommending it to my patients.

Come and see us for a digital scan of your teeth and a treatment simulation of how your teeth will look after Invisalign treatment.

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