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Brought to you by Dr. Ryan Schulz from Vertical Wall Physical Therapy-Headache and Migraine INSIDER specialist

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Water and how much we should be drinking is a common topic, especially as we enter the hot summer months. "How much should I drink?" "I drink coffee/tea/juice... doesn't that count?" "Is it really that important to stay properly hydrated?" "Will drinking water help my headaches and migraines?"

The answer to that last question is YES! The brainstem of headache and migraine sufferers is already sensitized and primed for an attack, dehydration is a trigger that is very common. Research has shown the risk of a migraine increases 8% for every nine degree increase in temperature, which correlates with the body's increased need for fluids to replenish what is being depleted. Staying hydrated has shown to decrease the duration and frequency of attacks.

So, how much should you be drinking? A good rule of thumb is to consume half an ounce of water per pound of body weight and add eight ounces more for every 15-20 minutes of exercise, keeping in mind the temperature of the environment to account for increased sweating. Higher altitudes will require even more fluids and athletes require two-thirds of their body weight (in ounces) in water daily.

Always having a bottle of water or two handy will help you stay hydrated. A good practice is to have one in your home and one in your vehicle so that water is always available. So, bottoms up to staying hydrated!


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