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Yeeeehaw! If your summertime fun includes grabbing a cooler and heading out to the muddy banks of a lake or river to do mud donuts and get dirty, let's talk.

Don't get me wrong, off-roading is an adrenaline-filled run way to spend an afternoon, but if you own a Prius, find a friend with a truck to get your mudding on.

Today, we have thousands of car models each with different functionality and design. There are cars for commuting, comfort, style, efficiency and status. It's important to use your car for its intended purpose to prevent damage or costly repairs. Four-wheel drive trucks and SUVs are designed to do more than just cruise on the freeway-their functionality allows for rocky, rough terrain in inclement weather.

While four-wheeling in mud or sand, never floor the gas to get unstuck. Your vehicle grips best with torque at a slow speed. Too much gas will spin your wheels with no torque and actually bury your car deeper. Maintaining motion when off-roading is important, too. In mud and sand, it's okay for your car to slide in a turn, keeping the motion consistent will help prevent getting stuck.

After your day in the mud and muck, take a few moments to inspect your car. Check the tires for proper air pressure, look at the underbody to ensure no brush or plants are embedded which could become a fire hazard and look over the exhaust and radiator to make sure they are free from mud. Make sure the steering wheel is working properly-any vibrations could indicate a foreign object imbedded in the wheels. And lastly, although you look super cool with all that mud, wash your car to prevent rust.

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