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Brought to you by Dr. Ryan Schulz from Vertical Wall Physical Therapy-Headache and Migraine INSIDER specialist

(Image is Clickable Link) Dr. Ryan Shultz-Vertical Wall Physical Therapy

It's long been believed that migraines are caused by blood vessels in the brain dilating. This is why medications (specifically the Triptans) were created to constrict these blood vessels and help manage the pain.

However, recent research has shown the following:

• Not all migraines have blood vessel dilation • Blood vessel dilation is a result of the migraine, NOT the cause

• Blood vessel dilation is too small to cause pain

• Triptans desensitize the brainstem, which is located in the upper neck

As far back as 1888, a researcher stated that we should not give too much significance to the dilation of the blood vessels, but to the sensitization of the central structures (AKA, the brainstem). The upper neck has a connection to the brainstem and influences the pathway that creates the symptoms in all types of headaches and migraines.

The Watson Headache Approach has been developed to assess and treat the neck in a very skilled manner that desensitizes the brainstem, gives relief to headache and migraine sufferers, and has shown to provide long term results. Plus, unlike medications, no side effects!

Don't suffer another moment! Contact Vertical Wall Physical Therapy today for your free 15 minute phone consultation to determine, based on your history and presentation, if you are a candidate. Get relief today and put the joy back in your life!


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