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Want to earn some extra cash this Halloween? Trick-or-Treating can be more than just fun, there is an opportunity to earn some dollars!

This year marks Wilson Orthodontics' 16th Annual Halloween Candy Buyback. The program consists of paying kids $1 per pound of Halloween candy they surrender to our office. The goal, of course, is to provide incentive for kids to eat less candy, while still allowing them to enjoy Trick-or-Treating.

We are also sponsoring the program in conjunction with local schools to collect candy as a fundraising activity. Last year we returned over $8,000 to local schools through this program. The schools that bring in the most candy receive a bonus over and above the candy they bring in.

Last year we collected over 2,000 pounds of candy. How much candy is that, you ask? That is enough to fill your bedroom floor-to-ceiling with boxes of candy.

What do we do with all that candy? Does Dr. Wilson eat it? No (well ok, some). We in turn donate the candy to various local charities that can benet from it. St. Vincent DePaul, a local food bank, gets much of it. We also donate some to the Easter Egg Hunt for Hope. Some goes to Boy Scout fundraising.

Every year we also ship candy overseas to our U.S. military personnel. It has been rewarding to receive letters and thank you notes from our troops who appreciate the gesture.

Check our website for times you can bring in your candy!

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