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Murphy's Law will have you remember to winterize your car when you're stuck. Local weather forecasters are predicting strong snow storms this winter so don't wait. Follow these easy steps to prevent the storms from putting you in peril.

--Check all visibility systems: make sure all your lights are working, including blinkers and dome lights. During a storm, visibility is vital to your safety. Change your windshield wipers and ensure you have enough wiper fluid.

--Replace or refill all fluids. Coolant antifreeze is important to prevent your radiator from freezing and consider thinner oil if the winter is going to be below freezing.

--Look at your tire tread-if it's less than 2/32", then it's time to replace your tires. Also check air pressure, both these conditions can reduce traction. And don't forget your spare tire! It should be filled and ready to use if the situation arises.

--Your emergency kit should include a flashlight, blanket, gloves, hat, snacks, ice scraper and sand or kitty litter to help if stuck in snow or slush. Plus, carry traction devices if you don't have snow tires.

--Because your battery will have a reduced capacity in the cold, make sure it's ready. Inspect the terminals and cables for cracks or breaks and look at the manufacture date to determine if it needs replacement-on average, car batteries last 5-7 years. And check the battery fluid, too.

--Belts, hoses and sparkplugs should be given a glance for cracks or distress.

This seems like work, right? Well, the trade-off is not getting stuck in the snow with a car that won't start. We will easily do the work for you at Sherwood Auto Repair! Bring your car in, play a few games of Candy Crush and we will get your car ready for the snow!

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