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In today's health care market, there is an ever growing list of dental care providers and companies offering orthodontic treatment. The services offered and products used can differ significantly, as can the cost and length of treatment.

It can be very confusing. How do you decide who to go to for your orthodontic care? And which type of tooth straightening system is best for you?

Drawing on my 15 years of experience as an orthodontist, I can tell you that deciding what a patient's treatment plan should be is an incredibly complex process. There are a hundred variables that need to be considered. Ignoring even one of these could lead to disastrous results.

Orthodontic treatment is much more than just straightening teeth for cosmetic reasons. The recommendation for braces is driven largely by factors related to growth patterns and bite function, which dictates long term health of the teeth and jaw structures.

These are such complex issues that an orthodontist is required to complete three years of specialty training beyond dental school. These years are spent in intensive training and study of research literature, theory, and treatment modalities in orthodontics.

I would caution you therefore to consider carefully who is providing orthodontic treatment and what is being offered. The old adage that you 'get what you pay for' is very applicable here. Treatment offered at a significantly lower price or promised in significantly less time should raise concerns. Be cautious as well of programs offering a 'smile in 6 months' and 'do it yourself' kits through the mail

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