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Brought to you by Scott LaPlante, owner of Sherwood Auto Repair-Automobile Service - Auto Repair INSIDER

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New car smell is so popular there is even a car freshener scented with it. But what if your car stinks and it isn't a week-old McChicken sandwich rotting in the backseat? Or what if your car is making noises you can't understand? No need for a sage burning or exorcism, we can find the problem together.

The most important thing about car smells and sounds is to note when they occur.

Does it happen when cold or warm? Do you have to be moving or will it make noise or smell with the engine running and the vehicle is stopped? Does the noise change with different driving conditions? Does it come on when braking or go away? In turns? Over bumps?

For smells - Is there steam or smoke associated? Do you smell it with the windows up? Inside the cab or outside the car? Front or rear? In the garage over night or after pulling into the garage from the freeway? Any drips on the ground where the car is parked? What color are the drips? Does it get worse when you turn on the air conditioning? With smells, try to describe what it smells like. Does it smell like rotten eggs, burning oil or is it sweet, electrical or rubberish?

What your car is trying to tell you is important! Together, with a bit of detective work, we can assess your car's needs and have you back on the road again where the only smells and sounds will be your own.

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