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This INSIDER is brought to you by Bob Januszewski-- owner of Collagen Wellness--collagen INSIDER--health and collagen

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Ever wonder why dermatologists and beauty experts around the world tout collagen as a key element of healthy, radiant skin? Collagen accounts for 75-80% of your skin and 30% of human proteins that are responsible for the continuous renewal of the body's cells. Collagen is naturally produced by the body, but over time, the production of this protein slows down. Dullness and loss of firmness in skin and achy joins are two of the first external signs of decreased collagen production.

So how can you reclaim and improve your collagen stores? Experts across the board have a common answer: add more collagen. While creams, serums, and topical treatments can improve the elasticity, firmness and proper hydration on the surface of the skin, new research has proven ingesting collagen to be king.

For the best appearance of skin and the maximum improvement of its density, Collagen Wellness brings you Colvita-a capsule of youth. Packed with 48 mg of salmon collagen, 300 mg of micronized Atlantic algae, 12 mg of Vitamin E, and 8mg mix of tocotrienols per serving, Colvita will take your beauty and health routines to the next level.

In addition to external results, collagen capsules nourish cells from the inside out, strengthening and improving the condition of skin and connective tissue throughout the body. Studies have shown collagen supplements can also improve joint health, muscle mass, heart health, and prevent bone loss.

Since Colvita's introduction in 2008, the never before advertised supplement has become one of the most popular collagen supplements in Europe, due to the patented extraction process, which isolates biologically active collagen. The amino acids resulting from the dissimilation of live 3-helix collagen are characterized by almost 100% anabolicity, which means that they build our systemic collagen.

To find out why 8 out of 10 users of Colvita rave about it, check out our website at

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