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Remember back when you bought a car how excited you'd get with the latest gadgets? Holy cow power windows? A cup holder, 8-track? Technologies have changed, we still get excited like a kid on Christmas morning with car accessories.

Let's talk about the 5 must haves:

1. Bluetooth connectivity is awesome. Talking and texting, or your music playlists all while your hands are on the wheel. You can even buy a $20 device that broadcasts the Bluetooth connected device to a frequency on your radio!

2. Phone perches can be mounted on the dash, suctioned to the windshield or put into a cup holder. They are great for using navigation.

3. Wireless back-up cameras that are compatible with your phone for display. For people living in busy neighborhoods with lots of kids, this is a must.

4. Dash cameras are useful for drivers who are on the road constantly. These front-mounted camera record what the driver sees and can be useful with false claims or crash litigation.

5. Do you have a new driver in the house? Numerous phone apps, like Life360, offer driving analysis. The app is synced to a parent's phone so they can monitor speed, texting, or hard stops.

While these gadgets aren't exactly Tesla's farting seats or dancing doors, they are useful to make your drivetime more efficient and a bit cooler. Call Sherwood Auto Repair to schedule needed maintenance or help installing a new accessory.

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