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You may have seen a button labeled "sport" in your car and while visions of Sporty Spice magically appearing might make you smile, I'm here to tell you what really happens when you toggle it.

Sport mode increases power and response by making the throttle more sensitive. It will give the driver a quicker feel to the steering system while the transmission downshifts earlier and holds revolutions longer to keep the engine power high. Basically, imagine being better connected to your car, like a high-velocity sports car or a go-kart.

In addition to the transmission and throttle, the sport feature may also engage the vehicle's suspension into a sharper feel to your car which can be enjoyable on extended trips when you car will feel heavier upon the road and an increase of stability.

And for fun, some high-performing Lexus and Audi will change dash style and color to simulate a race car when in sport mode while muscular engine sounds may be magnified and even enhanced through the speaker system.

These combined features will give the vehicle a more dynamic approach to drivability giving the driver a deeper connection to the car. Drivers who enjoy high-performance cars and their spirited drivability will be delighted at the capability to toggle between an all-purpose car for city and family driving, and a sport mode feature for pleasure driving.

If you are interested in learning more about your car's sport feature, come to Sherwood Auto Repair where schedule required maintenance and chat about how fun sport mode can be.

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