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It's a frustrating feeling: you're on the freeway and up ahead one by one, brake lights start going on. Stuck in traffic as the minutes slowly tick, there is nothing to do but look at the other cars around you. In a place devoid of personal interaction, we can tell about a person's personality simply from the bumper stickers on their car.

Did you know, according to, Republicans are more apt to display a candidate's sticker on their car than a Democrat and trucks take the lead with the most likely to display stickers, followed closely by minivans. Those rated most annoying are "Coexist," pro-gun and honor roll stickers.

Stickers are timely, too. Remember the stickers from the 70s and 80s like "Keep on Truckin'" and "Give a Hoot, Don't Pollute?" There were peace symbols, flower power, presidential candidates Nixon, Reagan and Carter, endless concert, radio station and travel stickers. And who can forget "If You Don't Like How I Drive, Stay off the Sidewalk!" Regions have their own stickers too like "Vermont is for Lovers" or Oregon's famous "Shut Up Sheelah."

Stickers help define who we are, where we have been, what we believe and what makes us happy or angry.

So, whether you're telling people to look out for motorcycles, are proud of your Marine or stick family, crowing about your recent marathon (and heck yeah!) or sharing your love of Jesus, attach those stickers, gridlock traffic is only getting worse……

And really. Did anyone ever find Wall Drug?

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