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Does your car need to be warmed up? Well, the short answer is no, unless it's more than 30 years old and has a carburetor. If you're a boomer, you remember warming up your car in wintery weather, but now we have fuel injectors and motor oil which flows easier at colder temperatures and is better matched to the engine in which its used.

But there are benefits to warming up your car.

All of the mechanicals benefit in a big way by being warm before being put to work expanding to its designated tolerances and becoming lubricated. It's safer too. If your car has a temperature gauge, check it. When the needle is in between the C (cold) and H (hot), it's ready to roll. But remember, engines warm up quicker when they are actually driven, not idling. And if you drive a hybrid, definitely warm it up while it's connected to the grid power.

Another reason to warm up your car is for comfort and safety. If it's icy or snowy, warming up your car will give you time to scrape your windows and heat the interior for comfort. It will also help defrost the windows, and we all know visibility is important for driving. Let's be honest, when it's biting cold, getting into a warm car is pleasant, especially if you started it with your key fob while standing in the window in your robe, we won't judge.

But remember the downside of warming up your car is wasted gasoline.

At Sherwood Auto Repair, let's get your car in for some maintenance and we can talk about warming up.

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