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It used to be that when you saw someone driving a pick-up truck, they were usually a dude with a beard wearing a flannel shirt and a dog in the back. Times have changed! Pick-up trucks have come a long way from the bumpy-ride, plain utility vehicle they once were.

Today's trucks have crossed over to appeal to women, provide a comfortable and sophisticated drive experience and even represent status. Yet the one thing trucks have never abandoned is their versatility.

Firstly, space and cargo in trucks is beyond compare. If you've ever owned a compact car, you'll appreciate the ability to stretch out your legs and haul what you need. Even if you're a suburbanite, you will value the occasional times when you need bark dust and don't have to make multiple trips or pay to have it delivered.

Trucks are also known for their safety. They sit up higher from the ground and are equipped with rollover protection. Many of today's trucks have safety features that are standard such as driver aides, rear-cross traffic alerts and automatic emergency braking.

Don't forget the fun factor. Trucks are built to tow and go off-roading. What's better than to tow a boat or camper in Oregon? That just spells pleasurable trip! Oregonians are known to enjoy nature's playground whether its snowmobiling, kayaking, or hauling a keg of craft beer to the beach to go muddin' with friends and a truck makes the most of your lifestyle.

Whether you drive the best-selling F-150 or Jeep's new crossover Gladiator, we have you covered at Sherwood Auto Repair. We can help you keep your beloved truck shipshape so 200,000 miles seems like nothing.

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