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Kids nowadays have it easy! Who remembers the days when if you didn't know how to do something you had to either call your parents or ask a neighbor? It was almost worse than having to get up to turn the knob to one of the four TV channels.

The internet is filled with how-to-videos for your car. But is it a good idea to use these? Of course, it is! But like with everything in life, use caution. Do you really want Eight-Fingers Skeeter showing you how to fix your brakes? Probably not. But you should use a video to refresh your memory about how to jump a dead battery or change a flat tire. Doing it right can save you money and prevent damage to your car from "winging it."

Here's the best part! At Sherwood Auto Repair, we want our customers to know we value their loyalty and will be uploading free videos on our website for the simple things, like replacing the engine/cabin air filter or swapping out blinker lights. Now, you'll be able to view your trusted mechanic in a series of how-to car fixes to watch either at home or on your phone.

Kids may have it easy nowadays, but so do us adults. If they could only understand the sheer coolness of Evel Knievel, use a rotary phone in a phone booth or play Pong two feet in front of the TV……..

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