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Remember the scene in National Lampoon's Vacation when Clark sees the blonde babe driving that sweet candy-apple red Ferrari while road tripping with his family? Yeah, that was a great scene!

It begets the question: Which car is the best for summer? Any convertible! Though there aren't many convertibles in Oregon, they are still fun and appreciated in the summer months. Personally, I like the big classics like Pontiac or Cadillac and small sports cars.

Driving a convertible just feels good. The sun is on your face, you can hear the sounds of nature around you and the air feels fresher. All cars were convertible initially, but with increased utility, cars were used more and needed more exterior protection. Plus, advancements in engine power made cars faster, rather than just bopping along. The 1950s and 1960 saw a surge in affordable convertibles, but their popularity lessened as travel speeds on major roads increased, sunroofs and air conditioning swayed many.

Today, convertibles are marvelous with one-touch buttons to remove the top, easy to remove partial T-top panels, more choices for hard tops, increased water protection and improvements in convertible materials has extended the life of the textile soft top. They are not as noisy as their predecessors and can afford practicality rather than just a glorious two-seater.

And, the last added benefit: without a top, there's no place to strap Aunt Edna. So, whether you own a Rambler American, Packard Caribbean, Jeep Wrangler or the popular Mazda Miata, Sherwood Auto Repair is on hand to take care of your convertible, so it lasts a lifetime.

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