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The COVID-19 pandemic has created global supply chain problems. From ketchup to chlorine, people are faced with a unique situation. You probably have heard the shortage of rental cars and vacationers having to resort to renting U-Haul trucks or even buying a car during their trip.

Another supply chain issue circles around microchips. It is a global shortage and wreaking havoc in the automotive industry. Nowadays, all cars and appliances use microchips in an array of areas from controlling gas pedals, transmissions and touch screens. Plus, the recent demand on 5G microchips has further strained the chip manufacturing industry. The stay-at-home mandates during the long pandemic upset the finely tuned supply chain here and abroad and by the time the chip factories reopened, they were backlogged.

What does this mean for you? Car manufacturing companies are currently redirecting the microchips to their more popular selling car models such as SUVs and pickup trucks. So, if you're looking for a less common car, it might be difficult to find.

The good news is legislation is being passed to limit foreign reliance on microchips and encourage more stateside manufacturing opportunities. For the time being, new and used car inventory is low and parts availability is affected. Patience is required to deal with repairs and procurement of replacement parts. 

At Sherwood Auto Repair, we understand the frustration this may bring. We will work to obtain the proper parts for your car repair and get you back on the road.

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