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This article brought to you by Scott LaPlante, owner of Sherwood Auto Repair - Automobile Service - Auto Repair INSIDER

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Well, for starters, US! Sherwood Auto Repair is celebrating our 35th year in business and proud of the family-owned business we have grown.

In honor of our 35-year run, let's look back at how car mechanics have changed. Fuel injection, hybrid engines and computers! Today's cars make Night Rider's Kit seem outdated.

One of the biggest changes since the mid 80s has been safety. Back then, we thought the heavier the car, the safer it was and to some extent, it was true. The door on an American-made car weighed about the same as a compact Japanese car, but were there seat belts? But cars got smarter, literally. Smart technology has replaced the need for bulk, and we now have airbags, sensors, anti-lock brakes and strategic framing.

Another amazing change has been fuel mileage. Again, it took effort to move the bulk of an 80s American sedan. Though gas prices might have crested $1.00 in 1980, if you only received 12 mpg on your Dodge Diplomat, gas was going to cost you! Currently, gas cars are seeing mpg numbers in the 40s and we aren't even talking about electric cars yet!

Reliability, performance, and convenience have all improved over nearly four decades with standardization of microchip technology. Gone are the days of elbow grease and a Chilton's manual, today, auto mechanics is a sophisticated industry with technology requirements, including a 20-hour minimum for CEUs. We are continually receiving mechanics education.

Thank you to our community for your continued support of Sherwood Auto Repair. Time has flown these last 35 years, yet somehow, we kinda hoped our cars would fly too….

Sherwood Auto Repair

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