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Bobby McFerrin happily sang "Don't Worry, Be Happy!" But can you really be so carefree when your car needs a fixin'? YOU CAN! You can because at Sherwood Auto Repair, we stand by our work and make some promises to you.

Our approach is simple. We help you get the most out of your car by matching your goals and mileage to create a personalized plan.

• We run a few tests on every car we service. The analysis will help us with diagnostics.

• Next, we will guide you through the process of what we find, how we can fix it and answer your questions.

• You have a choice! You are always in the driver's seat with regards to any choices. We really listen to your needs and guide you in a maintenance plan that fits those needs.

Behind all this talk is a three-year, 45,000-mile warranty. Plain and simple! The days of shady mechanics are over when you come through our doors. We take pride in delivering qualified workmanship with honest, reputable service. We have a 4.8-star rating on Google from more than 200 customers who took the time to share their experience with us.

So, when we say: We promise never to mislead you, pressure you or forget you, you aren't just getting Ric rolled, you're learning how we do business. The right way! For 35 years, Sherwood Auto Repair has taken customer service to a new level and given customers honest evaluations, a fair price and quality repairs to keep your family safe on the road.

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