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It may seem like the world has us over the proverbial barrel, gas barrel that is, but there are some ways you can save money at the pumps. (Even though we still dream of Batman taking care of the issue, Batman style and with the Batmobile!)


Less fun (but effective) tips to improve your car's gas efficiency:


- Tires. Air pressure, Alignment of the wheels and condition all affect rolling resistance and mileage.


- Quality of fuel. Don't go cheap. Often lesser brands or off-brand filling station fuel has less energy per gallon which takes more to go the same distance resulting in significantly less mileage.


- Engine oil level and condition. Fresh oil is more efficient and yields better mileage. A lot of engine performance systems on modern engines rely on good, clean oil.


- Engine air filter. A clean air filter allows the engine to breath, making more power, more efficiently. 


- Fuel system maintenance. Clean fuel injectors and intake systems optimize performance and efficiency.


- Transmission and differential fluids. High quality gear lube reduces friction and resistance resulting in more efficient operation. Trucking companies report big fuel savings in the course of a year by using synthetic gear oil.


Remember, your car will run best when all the parts are working at optimum performance, creating efficiency, and saving you money in gas and ultimately repairs. Call Sherwood Auto Repair today to schedule an appointment and together we can get your car working at its best!

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