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Sherwood Youth Cheer revitalizes program, looks to expand opportunities

Sherwood Youth Cheer is excited to begin again and grow their program for future cheerleaders.

"It's been a tough two years for our athletes and everyone in general. Now that restrictions are lifted, we want to offer the best opportunities for our cheer families and are looking to add on to our growing cheer squads," Amanda Matlock, President of Sherwood Youth Cheer said. "To say we are excited is an understatement and we want to welcome former and new cheer families to the program!"

Currently, Sherwood Youth Cheer offers two lessons per week as well as tumbling classes to youths - kindergarten through 8th grade. As the feeder program to high school cheer, SYC introduces kids to cheerleading and provides the opportunity to perform at youth football games, and feel the excitement of live games.  


"To our supportive community: we are still here and want to cheer with your kids. Our program is structured to teach cheer, but along with that we teach sportsmanship, workmanship, integrity, discipline, and respect. We want our cheer athletes to love the sport as much as we do and learn to grow with it, whether they will move on to the high school level or simply enjoy cheer through the 8th grade," Matlock said. "Our nonprofit hopes that in the future we can grow our program to include our own facility where we will have more flexibility with programs."

(Image is Clickable Link) Sherwood Youth Cheer Matlock says the best part of cheer is the team bonding and friendships between the kids. SYC works to promote inclusion for all cheer athletes regardless of gender or ability.

"We meet every cheer participant where they are. If they have physical differences that's fine, we are welcoming as a program and team and want every kid to feel appreciated and respected in their abilities and with who they are," she explained. "Think about it, we cheer! We cheer for not only sports teams like football, but for each other. We not only build pyramid formations, but we build each other up as teammates, as friends and as athletes."

Cheer season runs September through November and March is the perfect time to register and prepare for the fall season.

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