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Middle school years can be tough, but Sherwood Charter School found the secret to successful teens: engage! From the moment they enter the campus, all students are greeted by name by the teaching staff. The school's H.E.A.R.T. program (honor, empathy, accountability, respect, and teamwork) is woven into all aspects of daily life at Sherwood Charter – and it's making a difference.

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"At Sherwood Charter School, we offer K-8, and we want the community to know about our amazing middle school. As a smaller middle school, all the kids are recognized, no one falls through the cracks," said Joy Raboli, Principal at Sherwood Charter School.

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To build unity, the middle school has "houses" student groups. In the middle school, there are five houses with 15 kids in each, complete with a house color and mascot. The student houses have shared experiences each day where a house will work together on an assignment, or a genius project for the whole year. Thursdays are especially fun when houses compete in fun competitions like a relay race.


"The House Program inspires students to work together as a team. They love cheering for their housemates, but they also cheer on others in the other houses. It's a true collaborative effort with positivity showing kids how to build one another up," explained Raboli. "At our school, no one is left out, everyone is included, encouraged, and seen each day. In their houses, we blend the three middle school grades to show them they can be a team, despite age differences. It's beneficial because it takes away any anxiety about 'older kids.'"

Currently, middle school enrollment is capped at 75 and SCS has spots available for families wanting a safe, unique, and engaging school experience for their children in the 2022/2023 school year. Curriculum is supported by multiple field trips yearly and occasions for students to learn with hands-on application, including opportunities to move about rather than sitting stationary with a textbook.


"In the three years at SCS, our middle schoolers are building confidence and excelling scholastically. By the time they enter high school, we see our students comfortable with where they are academically and socially. They are confident with themselves and what they have to offer the school and its student population," Raboli said. "Our format makes a huge difference with kids, especially coming out of the pandemic. We aren't an overwhelming experience for students, we build a school family. We embrace who they are and our students flourish."

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