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La la la la la, no, not that tuning, your car! A well-tuned engine operates at maximum performance levels. Remember when your car was new, and you knew every part was in perfect working order? Over time, your car wears at different rates. A tune up is intended to inspect performance parts and replace them for maximum driving function.

At Sherwood Auto Repair, we start by checking and replacing spark plugs, those little firecrackers that create an electrical spark that ignites the gasoline/air mixture in your engine. Without these working properly, your car can stall and fail to start. We also check the spark plug wires, which can burn out and cause a misfire.

We replace the engine air and fuel filters which trap dirt and other debris from your fuel and protect your engine. A clogged filter won't allow fuel to flow freely causing poor acceleration and poor engine performance. And ultimately, poor engine performance costs you money at the pump! A dirty air filter can cause your vehicle to lose up to 20 horsepower and make your engine work harder than it needs to.

And we perform a fuel system cleaning service. Like the function of your fuel filter, it's important to have fuel injected into the engine cleanly, without blockage (think clogged arteries!) and allowing your car's engine to run without sludgy impediments.

Together these functions start to deteriorate at 100k miles (sometimes earlier, check your car's driver's manual) are integral in maintaining optimal fuel economy — your car requires proper maintenance to keep it running as intended.

Call us today and let's schedule a tune up!

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