Twenty-seven years after having two No. 1 hits, the trio still hits those perfect harmonies during Sherwood concert.

PAMPLIN MEDIA GROUP - Wilson Phillips, from left, Wendy Wilson, Chynna Phillips and Carnie Wilson, perform an acoustic set Saturday, Aug. 26, outside of Wilson's new business, Love Bites by Carnie, located on Century Drive. Lines gathered out the door for the grand opening of Love Bites by Carnie Saturday morning, waiting for a chance to get inside the newly opened café and bakery.

Inside was an array of delectable items including Carnie Wilson's famed bite-sized cheese cakes, brownies, crumb cakes and other goodies. Outside a variety of vendors set up shop, selling packaged Love Bites by Carnie items as well as New York Seltzer and other tasty treats.

PAMPLIN MEDIA GROUP: ADAM WICKHAM - The crowds were up for Wilson Phillips music Saturday outside Love Bites by Carnie on Century Drive. Wilson, daughter of Beach Boys founder Brian Wilson and one-third of the trio Wilson Phillips, opened the café/bakery along with business partner Tiffany Miller of Lake Oswego. It's located in 14,000 square feet of light industrial space at 15028 Century Drive, to the south side of the Sherwood Walmart.PAMPLIN MEDIA GROUP: ADAM WICKHAM - Lots of six-packs of Love Bites by Carnie made their way out of the newly opened cafe/production bakery Carnie Wilson and business partener Tiffany Miller created.

The business' production bakery ships Wilson's items throughout the country.

Shortly before 2 p.m., Mayor Krisanna Clark introduced Wilson, who praised Clark, Miller and a bunch of other people for making a long-time dream come true.

"To be here is such an honor," said Wilson as temperatures soared towards 90 degrees, hitting that mark by 3 p.m.

A few minutes later, Wilson was joined by her sister Wendy and Chynna Phillips on a stage assembled near the front doors of the new businessPAMPLIN MEDIA GROUP: ADAM WICKHAM - Lines formed outside Love Bites by Carnie on Saturday, Aug. 26, as many customers purchased the bite-size cupcakes the new business is known for. .

"So do you love Love Bites?" asked Phillips. "They're obviously delicious. We couldn't be any more proud of Carnie, and Tiffany too."

From there, the pop trio then launched into "Release Me," (a song that still sounds great even 27 later with the group still able to hit those pitch-perfect harmonies) from their 1990 debut album "Wilson Phillips," followed by other familiar favorites including including "Hold On," whose popularity was revived in 2011 when the band performed it in the movie "Bridesmaids." They even did a Beach Boys song, 'God Only Knows' and a Mamas and Papas song, 'California Dreaming,' tributes to their respective musical parents.

PAMPLIN MEDIA GROUP: ADAM WICKHAM - Employees passed around free samples of the tasty treats created at Love Bites by Carnie during the Aug. 26 grand opening.

Capt. Mark Daniel of the Sherwood Police Department said everything went smoothly for the crowd estimated to be about 2,000.

"There were no issues that I was made aware of at all," said Daniel. "Other than a little hot, it was a great event, and a great day for the city!"PAMPLIN MEDIA GROUP: ADAM WICKHAM - Crowds came in droves to see a concert put on by Wilson Phillips in the parking lot of Love Bites by Carnie, the new bakery/cafe located on Century Drive in Sherwood.

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