The county verifies enough signatures have been collected to move forward with a recall election for Mayor Krisanna Endicott-Clark, Councilor Sally Robinson and Councilor Jennifer Harris.

Krisanna ClarkPetitions to recall the Sherwood mayor and two members of the City Council have received enough of the needed signatures to hold a special Oct. 17 election.

On Wednesday, Mickie Kawai, manager of the Washington County Elections Division, confirmed to the city that petitions to hold an election to recall Mayor Krisanna Clark-Endicott, Councilor Sally Robinson and Councilor Jennifer Harris had enough certified signatures to send the issue to voters.

Plans are to mail ballots out on Oct. 3, said Kawai.

Last Friday, James Copfer, chief petitioner of the recall effort, forwarded the required 1,029 signatures needed to hold the election.

The mayor and councilors now have five days to explain their actions in a "letter of justification" or also have the option of resign. Those explanations will be included on the ballot, Kawai said.

The county generally figures costs of elections based on a count of $1 per registered voters with the city figuring in $1.50 per ballot with City Recorder Sylvia Murphy estimating it could cost between $12,000 to $14,000 for this special election.

One of the top reasons listed for the recall petition is a failure of fiduciary responsibilities by the three based on their initial ranking system that supported HealthFitness, a recreational services provider out of Minneapolis, over services provided by the YMCA.

Initial projections by HealthFitness showed the company would lose money over the course of five years while the YMCA reported a profit. A HealthFitness follow-up projection also showed a loss but not as much. Then, a final third projection showed a complete turnaround with the company estimating a profit of almost $600,000 over five years, an amount that changed because company officials said they didn't use a formula similar to the YMCA when figuring membership dues.

However, city staff on Tuesday recommended not signing a contract with HealthFitness in part because of concerns over whether the company could achieve a projected 5 percent annual growth rate in membership over a five year period.

That same night, a vote on whether to approve a resolution to sign a contract with HealthFitness failed to garner the needed positive votes with no votes counted from Clark-Endicott, Councilor Sean Garland, Councilor Jennifer Kuiper and Councilor Kim Young. Both Councilor Sally Robinson and Councilor Jennifer Harris voted for the resolution although Harris later said she had meant to vote no, noting she usually supports staff recommendations.

In addition, the recall document states that all three supported expensive and excessive studies on a police staffing study and the YMCA. Jennifer Harris

It also alleges that Clark-Endicott behaves in an unethical manner while moving the city "in a direction that is not in the best interest of the community and contradicts the will of the citizens," saying she also verbally abuses citizens and council members. It also questions her residency, which the mayor says is in Sherwood.

The mayor has called information in the recall petition inaccurate and Robinson has said the effort is politically motivated.

For Councilor Harris, the recall petition claims she uses her seat to "forward an agenda that is not in the best interest of Sherwood's future," citing as an example her endorsement of allowing recreational marijuana sales in the city. (Councilor Sean Garland has also come out in support of recreational marijuana sales.)

It also alleges Harris attacks and abuses Sherwood citizens via Facebook.

For Councilor Robinson it also mentions supporting an agenda not in the best interest of Sherwood's future but doesn't list specific examples but accuses her too of verbal and/or written abuse on Facebook.

"Since I have done nothing egregious to merit a recall, I will not be stepping down, and unfortunately, a small minority of citizens will now cost the Sherwood taxpayers about $10,000 to continue their hate-filled campaign against the Mayor, myself and Councilor Harris, based on a sole decision made in the last 2+ years on City Council," Robinson wrote in an email. "I hope that the majority of the public will decline to condone this group's behavior and vote 'no' on this recall effort."

Robinson said she received a supportive email from a resident saying a recall effort sets "a very bad precedent for resolving differences next time, makes life harder for future council members, and makes the city government quite unmanageable."

Finally, Robinson said she would like to see Councilor Young and Councilor Garland stand with Councilor Kuiper, who during Tuesday's council meeting, said she disagreed with the recall as a way of solving differences. Robinson said it would go a long way to heal the city if the two councilors also rejected calls for a recall when the council meets again on Tuesday.

"But keeping quiet, could possibly leave the impression, that one is supporting the recall, that will not help heal our city long term," she wrote. "You have a unique opportunity, Kim, Sean with Jennifer, as members not affected by the recall, to stand along with the rest of the council members."

The mayor and councilors now have five days to explain their actions in a "letter of justification" or also have the option of resign. Those explanations will be included on the ballot, Kawai said.

Meanwhile, Kawai said her elections department tried to make things as least confusing as possible since Sherwood voters will soon be receiving ballots for the Nov. 7 election as well. Those ballots will begin arriving Oct. 18 and 19, one day after the special recall election. The latter election includes voting for a new Sherwood City Council member and whether to allow the sale of recreational marijuana within city limits.Sally Robinson

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