Councilor Sally Robinson says she doesn't believe the meeting, which is set for Tuesday evening, is legal.

Plans are to elect a new pro tem council president on Tuesday evening.
The Sherwood City Council will hold a special meeting Tuesday evening to elect a new president pro tem to replace Jennifer Harris, former council president, who resigned Oct. 19. The meeting is set for 5:30 p.m. at Sherwood City Hall. Sally Robinson

However, both the timing and nature of the meeting resulted in recalled Councilor Sally Robinson to resign her seat effective immediately on Monday, and called the proposed meeting "illegal," accusing both City Manager Joe Gall and City Attorney Josh Soper of violating council rules and the city charter.

"I am extremely disappointed that you personally failed to consult with me, the only councilor likely to be unavailable for a 5:30 p.m. meeting on Halloween (which is not a regularly scheduled 1st or 3rd Tuesday Council meeting time), knowing that I am a single mother of a young child that needs supervision to go out," Robinson wrote in an email to City Manager Joe Gall. "Furthermore, to date, I have not received the courtesy of a response to my prior objection that a meeting be held on that date while I am still a member of the Council."

She also said she doesn't believe the council can hold a meeting of any kind until after the March election is certified "because the Council can't even convene a meeting without an Agenda, a Mayor or a Council President…"

While Soper wasn't immediately available for comment, Gall said special meetings can be called by the mayor or council president if the mayor is absence or by a majority of the council.

"In this specific case, four city councilors called for a special meeting tomorrow evening: Councilors Young, Garland, Griffin and Kuiper," Gall replied in an email. "The sole purpose as publically noticed is to select a Council President in light of former Council President Harris resignation on October 19th."

Meanwhile, an election to replace former Councilor Dan King is set for Nov. 7 while an election to replace Robinson, and Harris, who was also recalled, likely will take place on March 13.

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