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The pair replace Jennifer Harris and Sally Robinson who were recalled during the November election.

GAZETTE PHOTO: RAY PITZ - Tim Rosener is sworn in as a new member of the Sherwood City Council on Dec. 5 by Municipal Court Judge Brian Starns.(This story has been updated and now contains photo of councilors who were recently sworn into office.) Two Sherwood residents have been selected as temporary members of the Sherwood City Council.

On Dec. 4, Russell Griffin and Tim Rosener were named to fill seats left vacant by the successful recall election of Councilors Jennifer Harris and Sally Robinson in November.

Both will now serve until a March 7 council race when voters will determine who will serve permanent seats on the council.

Griffin, a technical trainer and former member of the Sherwood Planning Commission, was appointed to replace Dan King as a temporary member of the Sherwood City Council race in October. King resigned last summer after moving out of the city. Griffin ran in the Nov. 7 race but was defeated by Renee Brouse, where he came in second in a five-way race.

Still, his absence on the council since his original October appointment was short-lived.

On Dec. 4, Brouse was sworn in to replace Griffin just shortly before interviews for the council appointments were conducted.

Less than two hours later, Griffin was back on the council.

Questioned during the council interviews about why he wanted to be on the council, Griffin said he feels a sense of responsibility to the citizens of Sherwood as one reason. He added that he views himself as an easy-going person who can see "the other point of view and not take offense."

"I feel first and foremost we represent the people," said Griffin, noting that it's the job of a councilor to get staff input and take the pulse of the community before making a decision. "I think you just go in there and do your job."

Griffin said issues facing Sherwood in the future include seeing the new high school through to completion and that as the city gets ready to revise its master plan, those involved need to "think outside the box more."

GAZETTE PHOTO: RAY PITZ - Sherwood Municipal Court Judge Brian Starns congratulates Russell Griffin after swearing him in a council member on Dec. 4. Meanwhile, Rosener is an almost 20-year resident of Sherwood who is retired from selling software and services to local government agencies but works as a consultant part-time. A United States Air Force veteran, Rosener was on the Sherwood Middle School Site Council for a year and has been involved with the annual Sherwood Relay for Life.

In addition, he was communications director and treasurer for Citizens for Accountable Leadership, the political action committee that led the recall effort against Mayor Krisanna Clark and Councilors Harris and Robinson.

"My approach to the decision-making process is (No.) 1, be prepared," he said. "My approach is to really dig in."

Rosener described himself as having a calm style, noting he's a big believer in using facts in his decision-making process.

Among one of the big issues facing the community, he said, was rebuilding trust following recent council events.

"I think we need to look very closely at how we communicate," he said.

Rosener said the city needs to manage growth and focus on economic development and should be able to determine what types of businesses the city wants to attract, ones that he said could include high-tech companies.

In addition to Griffin and Rosener, two other Sherwood residents interviewed for the two council positions as well.

One was Michael Conn, a principal at Lord High School and administrator of vocational education programs at Maclaren Youth Correctional Facility in Woodburn. Conn also ran for a seat on the council in November.

The other was Steven Munsterman, who worked for 33 years in municipal public works and parks operations. A Sherwood High School graduate, he was on the Sherwood Budget Committee for 14 years and was a volunteer for Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue for 20 years.

Both Griffin and Rosener will be sworn in Dec. 5.GAZETTE PHOTO: RAY PITZ - Councilor Renee Brouse, left, was sworn in as the newest member of Sherwood City Council on Dec. 4 by Municipal Court Judge Brian Starns.

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