Tumult over earlier decision resulted in wholesale changes to City Council.

COURTESY CITY OF SHERWOOD - The Sherwood City Council approved a service agreement with the YMCA Tuesday night. After a severed past relationship, the Sherwood City Council is well on its way to partnering with the YMCA of Columbia-Willamette.

At the Tuesday, Jan. 2, regular meeting, the council voted unanimously to pass the YMCA Master Services Agreement negotiated with the service provider.

Sherwood City Manager Joe Gall said, "We wrapped up negotiations last week. I am recommending as city manager that you approve this contract. There is a need to rebuild this partnership. There are trust issues and hurt feelings, for lack of better words, and we need to rebuild."

The council whole-heartedly agreed with Gall.

The problems surfaced and then came to a full-boil in September when some of the then-members of the Sherwood City Council attempted to strip management of its recreation center from the local YMCA and give it to an out-of-state, for-profit company at a predicted financial loss, which ultimately resulted in protests by the public and the recall of two city councilors — Sally Robinson and Jennifer Harris — as well as the resignation of Mayor Krisanna Clark-Endicott, in-lieu of facing a recall.

Clark-Endicott cited moving away with her husband as her reason for resigning.

About 25 Sherwood residents stood and applauded the council's decision to mend fences with the YMCA.

All the proceeds from the agreement will now stay in the Sherwood community, according to the agreement.

Agreement clarification questions posed by council members were answered by city staff.

Gall pointed out that there has never been a lease in place with the YMCA.

Councilman Tim Rosener noted that the service agreement, "is better than a lease because we are not taking financial risks. It's the best of both worlds," he said.

By Mandy Feder-Sawyer
Reporter, Beaverton Valley Times
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